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  1. I was wondering if and when these books will ever be completed; a year ago or a bit more some books were supposed to be printed, since then nothing? Does anybody in this group have news?
  2. Thanks Bob. Darcy, Ted and you remain in my mind as the three musketeers. 🙏🙏
  3. I am devastated, I have known him for decades since he posted a Miike sword for kantei that I identified. Among my best blades in my Gokaden collection, I got the Naoe Shizu and the Tametsugu from him. We exchanged alot along the years discussing the Aoi Art weekly kantei. I met him and Curran in Japan during my last DTI. I’ll miss him. I remember when he told me he had discussed at length my Hôsho/Tegai blade with Bobby and Guido. They were the 3 Musketeers, remains only Bobby. My mind is in turmoil…
  4. David, for NBTHK kanteisho: - O suriage or mumei long blades (over two shaku) are referred automatically as katana. - in the same way, sunobi tanto over 1 shaku are classified as wakizashi - nagamaki naoshi are classified as Naginata naoshi
  5. Just paste « customs code for antiques more than 100 years old » on your browser and you’ll have all your answers on this touchy subject. BTW, a tariff code for antiques over 250 years old is a non sense.
  6. Dana, Just a tip: the blade does not seem to be too rusted, however do you see any hamon? The nakago has red rust
  7. This one seems unsigned. Here are some kogatana examples: https://www.aoijapan.com/fittings/kogatana/ Don’t waste too much money on it. It is the real thing but nothing more than a tsunagi. The blade seems plated. Edo or not does not really matter taking into account the value of such a blade.
  8. https://www.aoijapan.com/tsubatakahashi-kojikao/ THis one could possibly cost an arm.
  9. It looks like some kind of deringer, Stephen, easily obtainable. I prefer the Remington one https://www.naturabuy.fr/pistolet-COLT-DERINGER-N-2-item-8279994.html
  10. I sold my Juyo Ryokai to a German guy. It took more than a month to arrive at its destination and when my friend received it, he told me the package was koshi zori. Grev bought 2 tsuba from my collection. It took more than 3 months for the parcel to cross the Channel and when Grev received it, it had a sole print on it….
  11. Really a wrong move. Proper training is needed and not everyone is able to become a good polisher, there is a big selection. I am really surprised. I remember 20 years ago, a French NMB member visited Aoi Art shop and told me that he found a bucket full of water and at the bottom polishing stones. Tsuruta san indulges himself in polishing.
  12. https://www.aoijapan.com/Japanese-sword-study-meeting-7/
  13. Jean

    Kantei is easy

    Just to precise, my former NBTHK Kanekiyo blade, had 2 sayagaki one by Honma Junji and the other one by Tanobe sensei, both to Hosho. It is very very rare that NBTHK overwrites Honma Junji opinion (without mentionning Tanobe). It happens more often with Kanzan Sato’s.
  14. Jean

    Kantei is easy

    Yes, and the main problem comes from the fact that NBTHK does not precize in the kanteisho the smith generation. First generation Kanekiyo forged in Masame. http://www.sho-shin.com/yam8.htm KANEKIYO(1) -1326- KA-REKI (f: KANENAGA 1): Made HIRA-TSUKURI, UCHI-ZORI MITSU-MUNE TANTO. Running MASAME veiled in JI-NIE and NIE-UTSURI. HADA shows CHIKEI. Shallow NOTARE KO-GUNOME HA in KO-NIE and NIOI. SUNAGASHI and KINSUJI. BOSHI runs TOGARI on the grain, with HAKIKAKE-KAERI. KURIJIRI NAKAGO with HIGAKI YASURI.
  15. Jean

    Kantei is easy

    Hi Ray, I titled this topic remembering Jim article 🙂
  16. Jean

    Kantei is easy

    How NBTHK can kantei? is kantei so easy, when we refer to Tsuruta comments? https://www.aoijapan.com/119465-2/ Tsuruta comment: « Ouei swords usually is Muji style and has Bizen style Ko-Itame-hada like this sword. » My former Oei tachi signed Yasumitsu: is it really muji? https://www.aoijapan.com/katanamumei-tegai-kanekiyo/ Tsuruta comment : Tegai’s Jigane does not have Masame Hada. It has Itame Hada and Mokume Hada. my former papered tegai Kanekiyo: my former NBTHK papered Kanekiyo is pure masame with sayagaki by Honma Junji and Michihiro Tanobe to Hosho. NBTHK overpassed Honma Junji and Michihiro Tanobe’s opinion..for Kanekiyo who according Tsuruta san did not forge in masame.
  17. Just remember that koshirae need some humidity at the opposite of blades which need a dry atmosphere.
  18. Taking into account the size of the kissaki, the question should be: can a togishi polish only the kissaki (and not the boshi). The answer is yes of course.
  19. Congrats Dave. Award to one of the best dedicated Japanese armour restorer👍
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