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  1. Probably, the way this sword came to France is quite curious.;;
  2. Koichi, to answer your question: it is exactly the same, where some people entitled themselves to change tsuba, put another tsuka, removed the seppas, send this to switzerland.Sold by a Chinese from Lausanne to a collector and of course resold to a French who does not know anything about Japanese swords.
  3. Thanks a lot guys for your help. Koichi, I don’t know but I’ll ask the question.
  4. For the mei, I translate «HOKI (NO) KAMI TAIRA ASON MASAYUKI » I am looking for the first kanji and translation of the date. The mei looks Sho Shin, what do you think?
  5. To answer the question Buffing does not prevent a blade to be traditionally polished, the result will depend on the heat generated by the buffing and the healthiness of the blade. I had a buffed blade decades ago which was traditionally polished later on and turned out nicely.
  6. Unfortunately pictures are lousy. I would like the measurements : nakago, nagasa, motohaba, sakihaba and kissaki. the way pictures are taken, the blade looks disproportionate (nakago vs nagasa, kissaki ridiculously small) Forget the horimono, it does not belong to Rai school, the blade is destroyed, nothing to study
  7. Makes no sense ? maybe i did not understand the meaning...! sory i am newbiew in Japanese swords... all sword with tang measures 82 cm, the blade is 67 cm nakago= Tang = 82-67= 15 cm nagasa= cutting edge = 67cm
  8. nakago -> 82cm magasa -> 67cm kissaki -> 6cm ??????
  9. Yoroi-doshi ?????? moto kasane: 2,45 mm moto haba: 9,1 mm
  10. Jimmy, you are wrong. There are people who own Museum quality blades and who advertize it on NMB. Among them, late Darcy. Edit to add that the best articles are far from being in Museum but often in private collections😁
  11. « I think however that comparing Bach with Mozart, Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky is not relevant » why?
  12. Interesting exhibition, a few tsuba, koshirae, blades, an efu no tachi, an itomaki no tachi and helmets
  13. First revolver makes me think of a Tranter. The Colt revolving rifle reminds me of Colt root.
  14. “Nice file work” Nate, that’s one of the worst nakago I have seen. Wavy shinogi, flattened nakago. Upto a point I would have said the hardest word “Chinese”… Here are nice file marks:
  15. Outstanding Jussi👍
  16. I saw this on Facebook and I am very disappointed because it is in July and that I’ll be on holidays and won’t be able to attend. They should have left it in June.
  17. 8 years overdue, I can’t believe it was launched more than 8 years ago.☹️
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