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  1. Typical sue Soshu hitatsura, not Mino. Can be Odawara Soshu lineage (Tsunahiro) or Shimada. Shinsa is a must.
  2. Jake, have you ever seen a Rembrandt on e-bay?
  3. For what I Know, to go for Juyo, you need to have a tokubetsu hozon kanteisho, you cannot, as decade ago, go for juyo with a Hozon certificate.
  4. IMO, shinsa for tsuba is very different from sword shinsa: - Hozon: very easy if it is a genuine tsuba, (as for sword shinsa) no great interest, IMO, not worth the expense. If it is for a school attribution, just ask NMB specialists. - Tokubetsu Hozon: very very difficult, a mei is really a plus. Have a look at the price of TH tsuba - juyo: often kinko by major schools and artists. Price equal to some juyo swords There is a huge gap between Hozon and TH, which does not exist in sword shinsa and between TH and Juyo an abym. has anyone the stats of tosogu shinsa, It can be very interesting. Of course, it is only my opinion and I don’t know anything about tsuba.
  5. It smells… Nakago looks wrong, shinogi (central ridge linel) looks wrong, yasurime (file marks) look wrong. It looks like a gunto but the mei (signature) is far from the ones I have seen. of course, I admit I don’t know a lot about gunto🙂
  6. There is also: http://www.jssus.org/nkp/index.html
  7. As says Stephen, JP, this to shall pass, time will soothen wounds, we have all suffered from «slings and arrows of outrageous fortune » but have overcome them. Take time for crying, it helps and come back to us any time you need help.
  8. It’s a steal at this price👍🎁
  9. Hi Bob, This topic has been discussed already at length, search the Board and you will have an answer🙂
  10. I have seen and handle such naginata at one of my friend’s home it is now in Gordon Robson’s collection, very long and expensive, end of Muromachi, Mino - Kanabo school.
  11. Jean

    New Tosogu Quality

    Frightening, were it not for the price, I would not have guessed they are fakes…
  12. « To take arms against a sea of trouble and by opposing end them ». you are a warrior Guido, I know you are a warrior and you’ll be fighting and keep fighting till a full recovery. I’ll pray for you and your family.
  13. I got my tachi from Ginza Choshuya, cost at that time was 2 M¥.
  14. In fact, I forget to mention it and a big thanks to my friend Curran, daito are scarce in Oei Bizen school.
  15. Paul B has gotten my niji mei Yasumitsu, a fantastic tachi with the tiniest, cutest and deadliest ko kissaki I have ever seen. he has written an article about it. Niji mei Yasumitsu means first Oei generation. He forged mainly suguha blades with bo utsuri. His jigane is incredible. Niji mei has no nengo. Hamon like Morimitsu should bring an added value Here are some links to Yasumitsu blades. you must not have noticed but I dig Oei Bizen Yasumitsu😂🤣😄
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