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  1. Robert, I can only join the members and say a prayer for Mittens.
  2. I suggest that, as a Board rule, the posts must be written in English/American😄 Otherwise, discuss in PM.
  3. No one can translate fantasy marks....
  4. I am not convinced if we compare the two signatures that it is the same smith, I was thinking of Uji instead of Tsugu but I am not convinced either
  5. I’ll pray for him, I lost Pretty Woman 10 years ago from a cancer, I am still shedding a few tears when I think of her
  6. People are greedy, that’s what drives conmen....
  7. John is one of the good guys and a dealer to go to if you live in the other hemisphere
  8. It reads : Bishu Osafune Sukemune - Bizen smith
  9. Ray is one of NMB pillar, very easy to work with and with a vast knowledge.
  10. Faust, I am very cautious when I give advises. People new to Nihonto with no track records must absolutely follow the most conservative way, i.e. oil +shirasaya, add store bag on top. Will it damage the shirasaya, not if the blade is thinly coated with oil. Furthermore, for the excess of oil, shirasaya have a small reservoir at its bottom. NOW, the shirasaya must be made of honoki and in pristine condition because THE SHIRASAYA must be AIRTIGHT, beware of old shirasaya, they have to be checked and clean by a professional. Now concerning my experience, I never had rust on my non oiled blades kept in Shirasaya. They were on a katana kake and thus I could study them at length whenever I wanted without having to wipe them, reoil them, I am the lazy type but I know the subject by heart and don’t take unnecessary risks. For beginners, adopt Darcy B. policy, oil them, don’t take any risk because Art and money are at stake.
  11. In fact, all depends on where you live. I live in Paris and I have never oiled a blade in my collecting years and never put them in a storage bag. Now, should I live in Kamakura or in Hawaii, that would be entirely different. In any case, be cautious and oil all your blades and keep them in shirasaya.
  12. It’s a miracle, JP, you have any tears left considering you are crying at your empty pockets at almost every sale😂🤣
  13. Changed all the « Kunekane » in « Kunikane » (Title included)
  14. Hi Tony, you have a polearm of which the tang has been roughly shortened. The tang should at least march in length the cutting edge. https://www.aoijapan.com/nagianata-noritsune-owari-shinto/ the koshirae is simple and of’good taste. It should be a fine display artifact.
  15. Thanks Ray.👍 I posted it on Facebook « Nihonto Group » and got within 12 hours 5 positive answers, all willing to buy it at once 😃
  16. JP, Kanemoto is famous for his sanbonsugi, all sanbonsugi blades cannot be attributed to Mino. Mino swordsmiths (thousand) cannot be assimlated to only sanbonsugi, Kanefusa had also a distinctive hamon and others had their own.
  17. For the price, I take it at once 🤣😂 https://www.aoijapan.com/tanto-masafusanot-guarantee/
  18. The least to be done by the seller is: - acknowledge the buyer of having received the payment - give an estimate date of shipment to the buyer (it can be more than a week for multiple reasons) - give him notice of shipment and send a copy of shipping documents if any.
  19. You should have written »Please, bear with me ». 🙂
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