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  1. Looking forward to the pictures of the sword in polish!
  2. Everything is locked up most of the time, but i got a small display case so that I have a a tanto out when I'm at the sword desk. Link to the display case and others can be found here https://en.katana-case-shi.com/shop
  3. I think that each collector has his/her own goal and even mumei, suriage muromachi or later swords have artistic merit and value. The important point for collectors is to know what you getting into when considering a purchase, identify if the sword has been altered (sometimes its hard to tell when a slight machi-okuri or suriage has taken place) and make sure that the price of the sword is commensurate to its condition.
  4. The yasurime is the part which makes me wonder. It appears that looking at the ubu examples, the yarurime end at the polished part of the blade. Perhaps its ubu but the entire nakago was once rusted over so after restoration there is a portion of the nakago which has patina but no yasurime. The Iidakoendo example also has the yasurime ending quite a distance from the ha.
  5. Also the hamon doesn't end at the ha like the other 2 examples i posted. Perhaps need to find more examples like juyo blades (has to be ubu to pass juyo) by this smith and compare
  6. Papered saiha blades will also have the kanji for saiha (再刃) written on the certification. If i'm not wrong , it written near the attribution so that its clear to anyone who views the paper.
  7. Appears to be slightly machi okuri since the top portion of the nakago does not have yasurime. Here are some ubu examples which you can compare with: https://www.seiyudo.com/ka-070216.htm https://www.seiyudo.com/wa-010802.htm the 2nd link is one with the Tsuda signature.
  8. Looks like a long blade, unusual construction as you mentioned. Was the machi moved up slightly?
  9. Other nice swords by Ono Yoshimitsu https://www.seiyudo.com/ka-030619.htm https://www.tsuruginoya.com/items/a00523.html http://asahitoken.jp/contents/01_token/details/token-B/B059_O.html
  10. https://twitter.com/katana_case_shi/status/1267791990655078402 Regarding some of the blades in the gallery, Horikawa Kunihiro (top left), Deiwa Daijo Kunimichi (top right), Yukimitsu (bottom left) and Naotane (bottom right). He has some videos on youtube too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCquXADbHtN6Hh2WN4AlXNw?disable_polymer=1 Video of the Yukimitsu on this instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Mh-GHpkxM/
  11. Came across a Japanese website selling beautiful display cases for nihonto and i thought of posting it up to share https://en.katana-case-shi.com/ They are also having a limited time offer for the Desktop Tanto Display Case at 72k yen (usual price 90k yen). The offer is until the 5th of June Japan time. I picked up one of the tanto cases myself and look forward to receiving it. Prices for the larger cases are on the high side, but they look to be well made with a good lighting system and even the use lacquer for the base
  12. Use isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre cloth to remove the talc and the old oil. Polish seems fine, if you get it cleaned up it should look like how you had it before.
  13. The gofundme didn't allow me to donate saying that donations are paused, so i sent some funds via paypal instead. Hope it helps!
  14. I still think about this Osumi no Jo Masahiro which I once examined http://www.tsuruginoya.com/mn1_3/f00018.html
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