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  1. Found his profile. :-) https://www.facebook.com/100012343531718
  2. Same here. I cannot get him to either return emails or comments. I really wanted to purchase one of the Museum books., but he has defriended me on FB, and refuses to respond to my queries/posts requesting information.
  3. Yes I could. But then what would I leave for everyone to comment on?
  4. Hopefully this works[https://www.dropbox.com/s/wuul3dx8xtk22kn/IMG_1526.mov?dl=0]
  5. that is wonderful... I acquired an andon and it had the oil bowl with a ceramic "thing" and I had no idea how it worked. now I understand In one of the links you posted, it mentioned Rapeseed. Canola oil to you Canadians!! I might need to test if it burns as well as the oil for purchase. To make my life easier and safer, I bought a "LED FLAME" lamp that is working wonderfully behind the Andon Screen
  6. I believe that I also bought a couple of things from him with zero problems. He has decent taste!
  7. Looking for more information on this picture and the source
  8. it looks like something has been done to the surface around the signatures... like it has been scratched
  9. i wasn't able to go due to the earthquake. i am looking forward to seeing it after they open up some of the parts. Did make it to Reigan-do though as my profilee pic shows . thanks for the article link!!
  10. this is an amazing world that we live in. Members from around the globe are able to contribute electronically, and honor someone that most of us have never met in a Physical sense (Meat Space). From what everyone has said, I can tell that Harry made a huge impact and impression, I am glad that we have this.
  11. Never met him , but from his friends I can tell that he is an amazing guy!! RIP
  12. Thanks for your concern, Guido. Hans and I have had a very long talk and I am certain that he is in a much better place. Everyone goes through troubling times and I believe that it is how we recover from these times that show who we truly are. I will be very proud to see these develop into a stunning work. Remember, it is only a short time ago, that he was one of the recommended artisans on this very board. I am sure that you have had rough times as well. I have made a decision to give him a chance. Please allow the opportunity.
  13. Hi guys. Just now picked my samekawa that will be a base for the Jabaramaki style Tsuka on my Kinmichi Daisho. (edited to be a bit clearer) I think they match pretty well. Any thing I should watch out for?
  14. What humidity do most of you keep your place at? I am in Hong Kong and I try to keep my place around 50% or so with dehumidifiers. normally pull a liter of water every 1 to 2 days out of the air
  15. I think this one should meet the req。
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