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  1. Thanks very much Can you list it in either Japanese or Chinese so I can understand the relation?
  2. Hi all. First off I need to make to thank everyone for the help so far with my translation of the trigram. I hope that we are able to decipher the riddle at some point Any body know a Buddhist priest that sits on top of a hill and is exceptionally wise in ancient Japanese idioms? That said I am a Texan living in Hong Kong and had the fortunate privilege of meeting with Unique Japan and Pablo Kuntz over Skype I went to Tokyo on a vacation for cherry blossoms with my girlfriend and also made an appointment with UJ I was shown 3 swords and obviously I selected the Kinmichi 3rd gen wakizashi. It was TH and now just passed Yushu! Yeah me! I had already been working on the furniture for it and had settled on all parts, but------ As luck would have it A 75cm Rai Kinmichi 2 katana appeared with the above mentioned trigrams Now I own a kinmichi Daisho and am trying to locate a goto tsuba that matches my existing tsuba. Thanks for the help and the knowledge. Ohhhh. If you google my name. "Gordon Sanders" you can get more background on me and my hobbies Cheers!!!
  3. @markus. - if it offends then I do apologize. @the group - when we are looking at something, such as this inscription, I feel we are all speculating since we do not know the exact circumstances that they are written. We have 6 characters , 3 make perfect sense as they are well known, the other three are very open to interpretation and how they then tie in to the whole sequence -AND- the sword are why I am reaching out to the group. Just as in interpreting a sword, or a Mei... There are many opinions, but we all actually do not know for sure :-) I hope to learn from this group and contribute when I have enough knowledge Yes I meant Buddhist
  4. How often do they publish? I had a sword (kinmichi wakizashi) receive Yushuto in December and was wondering how long it would be before it is in the book
  5. Thanks for that To add maybe more material for this incredible group... I had presented this to Markus Sesko (such a huge wealth of knowledge) and he came up with this: Also keep in mind this sword was made by Rai Kinmichi after he became a Shinto Priest. And the Nagasa has been shortened by a few CM by lengthening the tang Any opinions?
  6. FYI... I have worked with Markus Sesko on the translation, and will share it later. I was thinking that having fresh eyes on it would create a revelation :-) He was a great help too, very very knowledgeable
  7. Thanks Greg... I hope so too Anyone else have a translation that sounds appropriate for the katana? 希妙来 無別法
  8. Thank you very much! Yes, I am looking for more of a round tsuba, with the waves or clouds, and a dragon.. in a Goto style
  9. He is who I have been working with to put it all together. Wish I had a tsuba for the wakizashi that matched the goto tsuba better. I like the gold rimmed tsuba, but want the Daisho to have a better match. What do you think. Do the two tsubas work well together?
  10. I am working with Pablo Kuntz on this project, he is building both sayas and tsukas
  11. Swords were bought shirasaya and the. I compiled the lot! Wakizashi just received yushuto. Waiting on Shinsa result for katana. I believe it will be Tobetsu hozon (sp?) Plan is to have black tsuka wraps over ray skin and the. The saya will have Black Sea snake at the top 6 inches or so with the rest gloss black.
  12. Thanks Greg. Here is a apple cloud album of my pieces https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0S5qXGF1utDtV
  13. Hi guys I am looking for a matching tsuba to this one? It would be for a wakizashi Preferably Goto with dragon cloud/waves Does anyone have one that you are willing to part with? Thanks for any help Gordon
  14. Thanks very much. I have attached the picture of the characters and also a pic of the Daisho I am putting together. The characters are on the Dai Thanks for any other suggestions you can give I believe at time this sword was made that kinmichi was a priest/monk
  15. Hi all. I have a sword that I just purchased and would like you all opinion on the inscriptions on the blade 希妙来 無別法 Sword that has this inscription is on is: A signed Kinmichi Katana (2nd generation) Edo Period Keian era: 1648-1652 (76.0cm, ubu) Fujishiro Kanteisho Certification This is a sword by 2nd generation Kinmichi, called Daihoshi Hokkyo Kinmichi (sometimes read Kanemichi). The cutting edge is a 76.0cm. The was actually longer at one point, and so the cutting edge was slightly shortened to a more manageable length! The hamon is a choji midare, wavy clove blossoms. Gorgeous. The sword presently has a rare Fujishiro Kanteisho. Fujishiro was a master sword polisher and became a Living National Treasure. Thanks very much
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