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  1. I just hope my wife doesn't sell my collection for what I told her I paid for it. (old chestnut, but couldn't help it..) regards, Johnnyi
  2. Thanks Curran, foryour stream of consciousness . Yes, you are right that the urushi could have been applied any time. When ever that time was, it seems to have been long enough time to wear most of the urushi away on the seppa dai. You're also right that I probably won't get anywhere until I can actually identify the urushi, if thats what it is, , and Nara expert seems like a good plan. For what it's worth, I re-measured the iron thickness again and it does taper all the way from the edge of the seppa to the edge of the tsuba, not just a taper near the tsuba. Roughly goes from 2.2mm to 1.5-1.8mm on the edge. Very thin, but not flat plate.
  3. Thank you gentlemen for your comments. It is very interesting about the background "seppa" which I was unaware existed, but will now keep my eyes open for. This piece (which is slightly irregular and thus too crude for such a piece i think. A friend knowledgable in antiquities has suggested this morning that urushi is the coating. This would make sense of what we're seeing, and conform with what we're seeing. By the way, we are also seeing years of what looks like wax and dirt on the ura. The other side, face, has been cleaned apparently by the seller. Curran, my first instinct also leans to very old, but that could certainly be wrong. I must take better pictures, as there does seem to be some deeper intentional scoring in exposed areas around the ana, but deeper than what you'd see in normal cross hatching. Perfexct though for providing a base for a lacquer such as urushi. Still don't know much about this one.
  4. These show a little better. It seems that there is a substance between the "gold" and the iron. Was there a cheap leaf that might have been adhered to paper , due to it's weakness maybe?, that was applied to the iron? I see in my picture one of those pesky "folds" is there too.
  5. What a kind good bunch you are not to comment. It was pointed out to me that what I was seeing was a photographic illusion of a fold within the seppa. Boy, that changes everything I think. It might be old but maybe oldish. The gold leaf is however gold leaf and crudely applied within nakago. Thanks John
  6. Hello. Hoipefully some of you can comment or enlighten regarding exactly what this piece is. It is iron measuring 80.7mm tall by 66.5 mm wide, by 1.8mm at edge and 2.2mm at dseppa dai. The tsuba appears to be covered with possibly a composite resembling gold, or some type of amalgam. I know it does not react to vinegar, nor is there any evidence of a corrosion of any kind. The plate itself appears to have been folded once (tosho style), as evidenced by wall of seppa dai. * it is unclear to me whether the coating , gold leaf, or whatever, was applied before or after the tsuba was fitted to the sword. My guess, due to the squarish seppa dai, is something perhaps Chinese or Korean. It has been suggested to me however, that it could be Tosho, but an unusual shape. Here are some pictures which refuse to show the glint of the covering: Thanks for your input JohnnyI
  7. Hello. I hope that there is enough to go on to translate this? Thank you j irwin
  8. Roger, saw this last night. Perhaps not as old as yours but appears to be same theme TSUBA Sword Braces Round Collar | eBay regards, John I
  9. Please, what detector are you using? On certain settings iron will give you a false reading. You mentioned "on the bed" Are these on a neutral surface when you scan and not upon bed springs? (a round spring will give a false reading also)
  10. johnnyi

    Sukashi shape

    Hi Grev, I was under the impression that this was pine bark but it could be wrong. Good luck John
  11. johnnyi

    Tsuba article

    Very much enjoyed your article Peter.
  12. johnnyi

    Type of animal

    Yes, an ox and bad artist 😬
  13. johnnyi

    Type of animal

    Agree with Dale, a ram or goat beneath possibly a pomegranate tree (Japanese symbolism) johnnyi
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