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  1. Thanks for this Brian. I saw it earlier , and when I bought the tansu, i got a set of keys. They don't work in the locks, but I was surprised how delicate the looked. The Katanadansu came "unlocked" so that was more of a joke. An interesting thing I noticed, though: My handles are square stock and squared at the corners also. This is not something that I have seen on any of the examples of tansu that anyone has posted. Zoom in on my pics to see what I am referring to. Does this indicate a region that it was made?
  2. Brian, I am not sure what you are trying to say (as I run and duck for cover) :-)
  3. Haha. That's what I get for using a mobile phone . The responsive site doesn't show that :-)
  4. Being dense here but----- what is the paypal address?
  5. Hahah. Ok. I will remember that.. but first I need the keys
  6. New addition to my flat :-) Now all I need is a pair of swords to sit on top!
  7. Sorry about that. I have a full suite of ad-blockers and normally dont encounter a problem. However like I said. This was opened in my iPhone. And was pretty smooth
  8. Thanks to you alll!!! Hopefully I will be able to contribute once I don't feel like the. FNG to myself ! :-)
  9. I am waiting for Ford to comment, since this is the stuff that HE gets to PLAY with!!!! My first thought that gold leaf is not expensive because it is GOLD... it is expensive because of the manhours to produce a sheet of leaf .0001mm thick!
  10. apologies for the typos above. was submitting from my ipad ;-
  11. As always, I stumbled on a very cool video It is fascinating if how the gold leaf, that is on our habakis, tsuba, fuchi kashira is produced. Doesn't seam much has changed in 500 years!! https://youtu.be/PVL7tuhlnsM
  12. I just saw a "waterjet" cutter called a WASER. It might be what you are looking for https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/12/wazer-good-idea/
  13. After all of this being said, what is the ideal humidity to keep the swords in? I live on Hong Kong island at the base of the mountain. Two dehumidifiers run continuously to keep my humidity at approx 40-50%. Some days they can each pull out about 1 liter or more. Will this be a good humidity level? My swords are still having the Koshirae being made by Hans, so I don't have any direct experience
  14. I guess I wasn't clear, my fault. I was referring to the tsuba being "captured" with the chain/net The Shingen normally that I see is only on the surfaces and not crossing across the edge like net
  15. Was looking around and saw this from Kelly Schmidt http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w151572172 1st time I have seen this motif
  16. I mucked about it with instagram filters and hope it helps
  17. Which one do you normally get http://www.selvyt.co.uk/selvyt-cloths/polishing-cloths/ ?
  18. Hi Davis.. what happens when you try to play? maybe try a different browser , that sometimes helps! PM me if needed. I will see i can download somehow and then edit
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