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  1. i am a Texan too, just in Hong Kong now
  2. my first glance was carpet.... but.... yah...i think you are right! ouch!
  3. Help me to understand why the bidding is low on this one please https://m.ebay.com.hk/itm/152793846553
  4. is that pitting from very deep/bad rust?
  5. Very interesting. Thank you. i am fascinated by the kneeling and standing moving through each room. must have great thighs!
  6. believe or not i got a response from her in 2016... not sure if any of this info is still good <tomoeya.samurai.gallery@gmail.com> Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 5:13 PM Tomoeya samurai gallery Director Mayumi Maeda ******************************************* 巴屋サムライギャラリー 住所:〒158-0093東京都世田谷区上野毛2-5-25-203 TEL:090-8465-1020 http://samuraitokyo.thebase.in/ tomoeya.samurai.gallery@gmail.com Twitter : @TOMOE_YA_77 Facebook : https://facebook.com/samurai.gallery.tomoe-ya Ameblo : http://s.ameblo.jp/tomoe-ya-samurai-gallery *******************************************
  7. crap... crap... crap... sorry. was typing while on a tram thanks for the help
  8. I think that the best person to answer this would be Ford Hallam. He might be busy and hasn't seen this yet.
  9. I bought my first sword from Pablo Kuntz at Uniquejapan. He sometimes has swords on his website, but most often he sells privately. Both of the swords I bought from him never made it to his site. I feel he will give you honest advice and will help, one of the swords i bought achieved Yushu with NTHK, which made me happy. I have met Darcy, Mike Y, both and can say that they are both honest and helpful guys too; in fact everyone here on NMB are helpful!! Hope that helps!
  10. The photos seem to repeat with no sense, as the descriptions change but photo stays the same :-/
  11. Can one of you fine guys help me out with my translation?
  12. I will check. Seems a degree or two from founder is someone I know :-)
  13. Just when you thought that you have heard of everything.... http://www.jungshinfitness.com
  14. WIP “All things come to those who wait, but time is not the essential element.” Is that Zen enough ? :-)
  15. All that I need now are a couple of swords Hopefully soon, soon! Thanks to Markus for the Bodhidarma Tsuba and to Stephen for the Brass Gunto Dragon Tsuba! and to Ford for the great restoration of the warikogai! Now only a couple of steps left!!
  16. He had a Beautiful Jumonji Yari too. Absolutely beautiful and sharpppppp
  17. I think I saw that one when I visited him! Next time I go over, to will put it in my pocket and send back!!!
  18. Mike Y.. Congratulations! http://www.rafu.com/2017/09/nikkei-samurai-explores-role-of-mis-in-preserving-Japanese-swords/
  19. Hi Guys, any updates on knives received? i was told mine would be the beginning of August, but still no shiny-shiny things in my mailbox ;-(
  20. how often are these released? I have a sword that received Yushutoaround dec of 2015 and wondering when it would be in the book? thanks gents!!
  21. Already rusting? Need to get some uchiko and choji oil on it :-)
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