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  1. VnMJack

    First Blade

    Does anyone know where to find a qualified polisher/sharpener in Texas?
  2. VnMJack

    First Blade

    Here are the tang pics. Thanks VnMJack
  3. VnMJack

    First Blade

    Thank you Geraint. Great advise. I would of course live to see it polished and looking how it is supposed to. I'll get some pics of the tang and upload them, there is no signature I can see. I did purchase a sword cleaning kit avid I will at the very least use the oil. What else can I do to make it look better. How do i find a polisher?? Thanks again, all you guys!
  4. VnMJack

    First Blade

    Thanks for the reply guys. I didnt know photobucket was the demon of the net. Ill upload here and sign my posts. Jamie, what did you mean, its not what I think it is.It could have been cleaned, I dont know. How would I fix that?
  5. VnMJack

    First Blade

    I was lucky enough to purchase my first blade. If you guys can give me any info on it I would be grateful. I was told only that it is Pre WWII Edo Era and the blade is 19'' VnMJack
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