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  1. Hmm. Mine is different reply. I also asked about a signature into the knife like I have from other knives I have bought in Japan “Thank you for your message. We are making your kitchen knife. It is almost done, final step. But we can't cut into signing to the knife. I'm sorry for it. And Taro has to go to Canada to demonstrate for 1 month, we can send yours the beginning of August. Please wait for a while.”
  2. Simon, I am a newbie here but pictures are relevant because people want to see the overall shape of the sword and also the file marks on the tang. Think of Japanese swords as art you wouldn't evaluate art by looking at the number of colors in a painting you would look at how the brushstrokes moved those colors
  3. Mifune: The Last Samurai https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MYZHT0P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_EhZ.ybC08K3BX Just came up as shipping !
  4. My solution is old school. Compressed air can. Use the tiny straw or perhaps lengthen it. Slide it down the side of it. And keep tapping. I am sure it will eventually get under the paper and voila !!'n
  5. I want to send a huge thanks out to Ford Hallam for helping restore my worn warikogai. The gilding and silver spray dots were missing and he was able to restore it to its original glory. Thanks very much for the amazing work
  6. Does anyone know what "Hong Kong (import permission necessary in Hong Kong)" means?
  7. Wow. I love the hosono. I have a matching kozuka :-)
  8. There is a katana kake that was sold in the auction. Is there a way to contact the buyer? Would this be possible? It was lot 298. Thx..
  9. Great post Darcy.. like I told you at DTI, I learn more and more each time you pen a post. Even if it does have typos!!!
  10. FYI. If you arrive early and are creative, there is a Wine Expo in Tokyo on Monday and Tuesday. Nov15-16 http://www.vinexpotokyo.com/en/
  11. I thought i would put this out here for discussion http://www.ebay.com/itm/K310-Japanese-sword-in-mountings-Izumi-no-kami-Kunisada-/361817101985?hash=item543dfad6a1
  12. HI Jean... thanks. I remember that thread well i was more wondering as it would be much easier to purchase at DTI rather than mailorder Does Fujishiro have a booth?
  13. Will Fujishio's oil be for sale at DTI? or is there another magic oil there?
  14. Are you sure this isn't a cast reproduction? The Nanako is lacking in detail that you would expect. It doesn't seem to be worn by age. I might be off my rocker though, as I am a noooooob.
  15. from my perspective and limited experience, the blackening seems forced, and almost like spraypaint. is this normal?
  16. Jean From http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/18602-nihonto-restauration-projecthelp-getting-rid-of-rust/?hl=dominnimod&do=findComment&comment=191653 His first name is Josh
  17. At the bottom :-) : F. Salvemini, F. Grazzi, S. Peetermans, F. Civita, R. Franci, S. Hartmann, E. Lehmann, M. Zoppi, Quantitative characterization of Japanese ancient swords through Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 27, 2012, 1347-1354
  18. Your pic skills are getting better. Try taking pics of the tsuba again with it elevated above the carpet. It seems your camera was focusing on carpet instead of tsuba
  19. Jason... let me get this straight: You bought the sword with the belief that it was a fake (repro) You cut paper with it and then believed it might be genuine You took pics and received opinions Now you are insulting those that support your ORIGINAL ASSUMPTION all of the opinions you have received say more or less "Your mileage may vary" All of the opinions say.., take it to someone that knows, that can hold it in his hands As Nike says. "Just do it!" Steve... from the initial pics, it seems the entire sword has a worn, uniform cast to it. Maybe it is as was said... it was rode hard and put away wet I think we all are of the same opinion.... we don't know and can only guess based on the information that you have provided
  20. Hi Juha. Notice that it doesn't take much. Just a bit more effort on your part Look at the following thread and see how answers are changing once the OP submitted better pics!! http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/20873-help-identifying-what-it-is-i-have-here/
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