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  1. You might get a better response if you submit better pics/ take a look at darcy's pics, or ray's .... and try to follow their format. It is difficult for a conversation to start with limited knowledge. FWIW
  2. I have found reference to this regarding the content of blades but not mei per se https://www.researchgate.net/publication/50377688_Ancient_and_historic_steel_in_Japan_India_and_Europe_a_non-invasive_comparative_study_using_thermal_neutron_diffraction Surely if they can read the dials of a 2000 year old "clock" Antikythera mechanism; they can read a signature
  3. The catalog arrived in the mail today. Absolutely beautiful!. I can only imagine how they looked in person. I wish there were more pics of the koshirae of the swords though
  4. hi Jason, Please post without the Habaki, and the FULL length of the blade. You might need to stand on a chair to get high enough depending on your camera
  5. Nice find. Be sure to sign your posts. or add it into your profile signature. Looking forward to seeing the comments from the smart people in the room!! And be sure and post measurements. Length of the cutting edge, length of the nakago (tang) and amount of curve in the blade
  6. On FB in Nihonto Oz https://www.facebook.com/groups/104053572984575/permalink/1191056040950984/ If the mei shown would indicate Japanese origin it would be a lesson in "How to kill the Soul of the Samurai"
  7. FYI... i bought both my swords from pablo at UniqueJapan and he is a great guy to deal with
  8. you are all welcome. After seeing how well the cast Dragon Daisho Tsuba (s) were made on the other thread, I thought that this was very relevent. Luckily to produce a nihonto is well out of the skill range of 99.99 percent. However at the other end of the spectrum is this.... Your brilliant Kickstarter idea could be on sale in China before you’ve even finished funding it
  9. how about this Click on the "watch on Vimeo" link
  10. odd.. yes it is on the aljazerra channel, but 100% safe material. i am in HK and zero probs. let me ponder on how to solve this. it is a very good watch
  11. Here is a great piece on fakes in China... that can even stump the experts
  12. Thanks, Guys... I enjoy finding interesting items on the webz. Honestly, though, these joining concepts, are the wooden version of origami!!!
  13. I hope you have some very very sharp chisels too!! These seem that they need to be carved by a razor blade's precision
  14. Wow. Just wow http://www.archdaily.com/796918/these-mesmerizing-gifs-illustrate-the-art-of-traditional-Japanese-wood-joinery
  15. I Would recommend Hans Koga in Kumamoto. Find him on facebook :-)
  16. Wonderful film. I might have to eat at his youngest sons place instead !! The irony is that they acquired their first Mich rating while oldest son was sushi chef and Jiro was off
  17. What is this creature? A VERY angry mouse? Love this helmet though. Unique !!
  18. TRIED TO HELP 10 £85.00 32 £70.00 36 £70.00 39 £135.00 41 £120.00 43 £65.00 48 £185.00 50 £120.00 54 £60.00 58 £40.00 61 £220.00 66 £350.00 74 £310.00 75 £130.00 79 £195.00 80 £65.00 83 £125.00 84 £60.00 114 £65.00 117 £175.00 134 £95.00 152 £245.00 166 £95.00 168 £220.00 170 £185.00 176 £525.00 177 £645.00 185 £150.00 187 £225.00 200 £125.00 206 £225.00 216 £95.00
  19. All the hw that you see in the link he should have. The only missing piece was the wave fk that were stuck in hakata customs for a week. everything else is already with hans. He is a rockstar!!
  20. Haha. Thanks Ed. Those are all beautiful swords Right now I am set, just waiting on Hans Koga to complete the Koshirae. Attached are the swords. Both Tokubetso Hozon, the wakazashi also Yushuto. Link to full suite of Tosugu, swords, papers : https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0S5n8hH4dCH5f Hopefully by december i will have all in hand :-)
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