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  1. I tried to send emails to the Austin, Texas and Houston, Texas clubs listed in Rich Stein’s website. Emails returned. Any info on Texas (or Oklahoma god forbid) clubs? Thank you, Tom
  2. Thanks Mark, Grey and all who replied. I’m just going to bite the bullet and take an Uber. Look forward to the the show. Tom
  3. Uber is $65 one way from midway to Schaumburg. Anyone else coming in on Friday morning from 9-10 am can share a ride? Thx Tom
  4. My experience with PayPal: their legal department will laugh anyone back into the Stone Age for trying to file an international fraud/ complaint claim against a seller. Tom
  5. oops. should read: "'The Origins'" not "Original" tom
  6. I'm probably the last one to the party on this but I just got another great book on 14th century Japan: "The Original of Japan's Medieval World, Courtiers, Clerics, Warriors & Peasants in the Fourteenth Century." ed. Jeffrey P. Mass. It's pretty old (1997) so everybody is probably already aware of it. But just in case I thought I'd mention it. It's a Stanford University product but it's not the usual stodgy, ponderous academic style that I expected. 15 essays by oriental and occidental authors. Anyway, that's it. tom
  7. I just got this book "Cartographic Japan, A History in Maps", author Wigen. It's a series of essays with good color illustrations of period Japanese maps. I liked it and it helped me fill in background info of Japanese history, culture and thought. tom
  8. Thanks Mark and Grey. Yep. Uber rates around $75-$80. The hotel recommended American taxi, which supposedly, has a flat rate available. I won't know for sure until I get there and am on the ground. (We all know how that goes). thx tom
  9. I am arriving at midway airport April 27 and planning to uber to the hotel/show in schaumburg. anybody have any experience with uber at midway? just looking for some feedback if anyone has any. thx tom
  10. OK. So. No Nihonto/Tosogu collectors in the Oklahoma City area. Tom
  11. Back in the day (1970's) seemed to be numerous active Nihonto collectors in the DFW/Ft. Worth area as well as Houston and Austin. I haven't noticed posts from them on NMB. It could be oversight on my part. I am not an especially frequent flyer on NMB. Appreciate your reply Sprinkler. Tom
  12. Hi all, I am a beginner in the Oklahoma city area. I would appreciate having someone in my area to discuss Nihonto with. I feel like I can only do so much with books and Internet reading. What sparked this is that I discovered yesterday a black dot in the Hamon of my first piece and I got worried because I don't recall seeing it. (Maybe I just hadn't noted it before). I will try and make a photo and post it here. But it would be nice to show it to someone in person and get their input. Thank you Tom PS - I hope to effort to create a Nihonto show/meeting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area succeeds. It was mentioned previously here on NMB last year. There are collectors in the Austin and Houston areas who I think would gladly go to this show. I will definitely go if it happens.
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