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Dear All,


this is a bit overdo, but here it comes.


To be honest I am doing Kendo for a long time of my life. My teacher from Japan has been collecting nihonto for more than 50 years now and has a big collection including some juyo pieces. During my teachings he always kept teaching me also in the study of nihonto, but I never had a real connection to a sword. Some years ago (I don't know why) it hit me and I started reading, remembering what I was taught and starting to discussing with my teacher.


Now I found this forum and I am very happy to be able to learn and discuss nihonto with so many qualified people. I have much to learn and I have found a real good place to do it.


Thanks, looking forward to this.


Kind Regards

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Hi, first post as a new member. Im using an android phone to try reading and posting, which is "fun" so apologies for all the errors i will make due to big fingers and small touch screen buttons. I am a member of The Northern To-Ken Society and am interested in Archaeology, History and much more :)

I have been collecting Gendito's, Menuki, Tsuba and Seppa ;-) for a few years now.

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Hello All,

Just noticed this intro page after a few days browsing on the site hehehe...

Joined here to learn more about antique nihonto and looking one for myself

Newbie from Jakarta, Indonesia, and looking forward to gain more knowledge about nihonto especially blade around muromachi and edo period

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G'day everyone,

Just joined the Nihonto forum. My name is Peter and I'm from Tasmania, Australia. I've been lurking for a few days and gathering some info and realized what a wealth of infomation is available here. Some very knowledgable and didicated people.

I'm not really a Nihonto enthusiast but am trying to gather as much info as I can on a particular sword, as I'm writing a book on my Fathers history. But the more I delve into Nihonto, the more interested I get. Who knows where it will lead.

Thanks in advace for any info and chat we may swap.

Peter C.

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Hi all, Time flies it's been three years since I joined this forum and it just struck me I've never properly introduced myself. My name is Daniel Svensson I'm from Sweden and 38 years old. I started out with a Showato a few years ago like so many have done before me. Shortly after I found this Forum and were hooked. During the the past three years I have bought and sold some swords trying to figure out what era etcetera I wanted to collect but also to be able to hold some swords in hand so to speak. I know it's not the best thing to do but here in Sweden it's far and between any genuine Nihonto, and of course a child never do as adviced ;-)

Now I've found my field of collecting wich are WW2 Gendaito and how lucky I am to be able to take part of the knowledge of people like Chris Bowen and George Trotter etcetera. So a big thank you and hello to all the members of this board.

Kind Regards


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