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  1. here is the reverse side.......its a forum member friend they belong to so i suspect he can read the replies..... dont know what he did to the tea pot tsuba as i am only the messager etc and cannot give advice myself.
  2. i agree gentlemen but unfortunately his friend wasnt to know, i will ask for the reverse side and post asap
  3. he is after age and possibly school if thats possible due to intensive polishing......i dont think he is the culprit many thanks brian
  4. how do i rotate them ?
  5. can anyone shed any lights on these tsubas please.......a friend on another forum put these up asking for help and my experience is rather limited. many thanks
  6. https://www.spandaumilitariashop.com/antique-Japanese-tanto-5/ blade is genuine just dodgy mei no interest in buying at all just was curious......i have enough swords lol
  7. many thanks gentlemen......i thought it was just junk chinese
  8. many thanks gentlemen i have passed the info on
  9. been asked to translate these swords mei and its beyond me....one will be ww2 and i think the other is a little older. i will put some pics of the swords later when i receive them via email many thanks in advance.... edit....my sincere opologies as the pc as placed the picture sideways again
  10. many thanks gentlemen....i have forward the name to the chap
  11. forum member aksed me to translate this but i cannot....any help sorry image will not post correctly when i rotate etc
  12. how can something so deadly be so beautiful.......absolutely beautiful piece of art
  13. hi jean. its not my sword but on a website. i have bought several swords from them years ago and to be truthful all i bought have been bargains....i occasionally lo me baffledok into this site for rifle parts and obsolete calibre rifles , again i bought good. this sword just had me baffled with the mei as i initially thought it was Japanese script kanji but it just looked too amateurist and sloppy. so curiosity got the better of me so i posted on here . edit....just been on the website and the sword as been sold. not to me i must add as i dont buy on impulse
  14. even with my in experienced eyes i knew they was something wrong........many thanks guys. i must say when i ask for help its only because i am curious and i am not intent on buying. once again many thanks
  15. sorry gentlemen but this as got me baffled...... sincere opologies as the photos did not load upright as intended
  16. once again raymond you are my saviour.....many many thanks
  17. like to find out more about this wakizashi but unfortunately i dont know the smith. any help much appreciated as always
  18. many thanks ray as i thought it was a modern Japanese made....it was the tip that i was unfamiliar with as i never seen it on a sword only in drawings
  19. http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/loiner1965/tn_DSCF000623.jpg not sure if genuine or not but was more intrigued as the blade widens at the tip when looking down at it
  20. does anyone have any oshigatas of this mei to see if gimei
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