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Tsuba design help


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Dear Mark,


despite struggeling into "iffs"  , i think, it may be much more fruitful so to discuss your´s Tsuba itself! Not?


i dare to see a somehow Nakago-Hitsu-ana from Nambokucho forged Nakago shape here ??? am i right? ( your´s picture is lavish and nobody can  really see decent detail here! ) least not myself.


may it cause you some more work and hesitation ? so to maybe post some more detail and close up pictures from various sights of a "viewing-ankle"; and  eventually? some more close-ups from ( it´s Tsuba) wall surface ( maybee?)


calling it a Owl is certainly "a Owl" - does but very certainly not help!


least, i do think so.....



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Hi Christian.   If owls, why are they laying on the side?   Why not vertical so they look correct when the sword is worn?   I really don’t know the answer.   This tsuba is not mine but I like it very much but i just don’t understand the design.  Here are more photos.  Kind regards mark.




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There are a lot of Sukashi Tsuba showing a rotation of horizotal ornaments by 90 degrees. It’s the idea of the maker, mostly with regard to geometry.


The suggestion of owls is intriguing, but my first impression was some kind of fruit, maybe a persimmon. Just another offer .





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Hi Mark :)


sorry for my delay in answering you! I just do see you wrote back....

( it is a bit stressy here....)


Thank you for those additional pictures!

Yes! definitely!

it seems me to be a very interesting Tsuba indeed!

it looks very healthy, too....


You wrote it is not your´s own one ( yet ?)-  so i just recomment you so to hurry about it! ( if it´s price is acceptable of course....????)


I do like this design a very lot i just can confess you!




do you know the exact measurements of this Tsuba ?


it seemingly least "looks old" ( with old i do speak from Tsuba dating pre Edo )


indeed! it is very interesting!

and certainly range out of this generally common to seen stuff....





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Stephen King [from Western Australia - not the horror writer :shock: ] has sent me a link to a very interesting guard that has strong features of the original posting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154257121800


I think you would agree that in this case the design looks more like masks rather than owls?

I see the original guard is still listed on ebay  https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tsuba-Sword-Guard-Blade-Katana-Samurai-Japanese-Antique-T19/124500597415?hash=item1cfcd05aa7:g:em4AAOSwB8Bf5PQt


added to this is another that I just found on  shibuiswords.com   http://www.shibuiswords.com/haynesTsu173.html


67mm x 70.5mm x 4mm.



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