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  1. The kanji seem to be 正方 which according to this page both translate to MASA. Am I missing something ? I have a Masakata tsuba but signed with different kanji: 武州住政方 (Bushu Ju Masakata)
  2. Is this technically considered an horimono ? My impression was an horimono was created by removing material from the blade, not adding some
  3. Oh I can see really nice tsubas in the corner of the latest picture
  4. This story probably explains why someone drilled a hole into this tsuba. I was wondering how such an idea could cross someone's mind but now it would make sense.
  5. Are you serious ?!? Are you saying you got the tsuba for peanuts ? OMG
  6. For those interested, here's the koshirae.
  7. Hello Malcolm, Indeed, "Yatsu Boshi No Maru Ni Omodaka" seems to be as descriptive as it can get. Thank you all for your help.
  8. Thanks for your replies. Bazza: No it's not from a shin-guntō. This picture is from a wakizashi my uncle owns. I'll try to ask him a picture of the whole koshirae. Kyle: I see, thanks. It didn't occur to me that the kamon was made of the 8 circles before your comment.
  9. Hello members, I was recently shown this menuki. I think the mon corresponds to one from this picture (6th on the last line). Is this correct ? If so, do you happen to know the family name attached to this mon ? Thank you very much for your insights.
  10. This FedEx issue seems to be pervasive, I have the exact same issue in France, trying to have some indue import fees reimbursed to no avail so far. The case is reportedly being worked on (since late May) except that I got no notification in 3 months. Every call to the hotline yields a different response: "We can't do anything", "It's being worked on", "Please be patient", "It's out of our purview now". FedEx is by far the worst carrier I've ever seen.
  11. Hello Peter, Is it possible to see more pictures of #10 (aka "pine motif sukashi tsuba") ? Thanks
  12. Taylor, could you please show us the end result ? I'm really interested in seeing the before / after because I saw some fittings on eBay and was thinking that a (soft) cleaning could really make a difference. Cheers
  13. I see, I remember this name. Thanks, the way the swords were shot indeed rang a bell, thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye on his items. Cheers
  14. While looking at Japanese swords on eBay, I stumbled upon a seller named "Japanese-swords-hq". I searched his name here but to no avail. His announcements contain the following snippet: Just curious if anyone had experience with this seller. Thank you !
  15. It looks like a mune-ware to me but I'm not an expert. It's just that I have no idea what else it could be, this crack is simply not supposed to be there.
  16. Really nice, thanks for sharing with us.
  17. The signature is indeed the same as the one from your link. Thank you Jean for your help
  18. Good morning, Could you please help translating the following signature from a tsuba I just received ? This is my first try at deciphering a signature and I'm not sure where to lookup the kanjis or what the methodology is, so if a member could kindly provide some pointers, that would be much appreciated ! Thank you very much in advance Edit: Identified BUSHU (武州) JU (住) MASA (正) YOSHI (義) (KAO ?) by using http://www.jssus.org/nkp/kanji_for_tosogumei.html. Is this correct ?!?
  19. I think that for 5000 euros you will get a better sword from the sale and trade section from this forum
  20. Here's an older comment about this topic: url (found by searching "tokubetsu kicho") See also http://www.nihontocraft.com/japanese_sword_papers.html#japanese_sword_2
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