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  1. Thank you Alex, do you have pictures of his work?
  2. C0D

    Mumei Wakizashi, Ideas?

    I'm having some trouble with posts, i just added pics
  3. This is a wakizashi that recently arrived me, i did some study on it and i have an idea about period and school, but i wanna hear your thoughts about it. Mumei wakizashi with elonged kissaki, very strong jigane and active hamon, there's mizukage and some utsuri part. It appears to have a hint a funbari and has really healthy machi. High shinogi and kasane is pretty constant all along the blade. Nagasa 45.7 cm Motohaba 32 mm Sakihaba 23 mm Sori: 0.9 cm sakizori Motokasane 4.6 mm, at shinogi 7.5 mm sakikasane 4.5 mm, at shinogi 6 mm Hamon: gunome midare with yo and tobiyaki, hada visible inside the hamon aswell Hada: strong itame with nagare/masame towords the ha. Boshi: midare
  4. I never heard of him, do you have his website or any contact?
  5. Hello Guido, i know Giorgio, we met before and i had a tsukamaki done by him, but i'm looking for more options out there
  6. Hello, I was wondering if there's any sayashi (better if with lacquer skills to make koshirae) in Europe, cause i'm having a hard time finding one. Thanks to anyone will help
  7. New prices: Tosho tsuba ==> 90€ Samurai menuki ==> 80€ Flower menuki ==> 110€
  8. Price reduced to 280€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  9. C0D

    Tsuba With Leaves

    As you can see in Axel's link the design of the leaves and the style of the gold zogan point on that direction
  10. C0D

    Tsuba With Leaves

    I would say Echizen Kinai
  11. Reduced to 290€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  12. Talking with another collector he suggested me that this could been covered in urushi originally and then polished to reveal the zogan, it could explain those residues between the zogan in some part
  13. Handachi style fuchi and kashira (with a tsuka for free) and samurai menuki are now SOLD
  14. Price reduced to 300€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  15. only katana or also tanto?
  16. I've seen some other Heianjo with such type of inlay, but none of those had an age attribution so it wasn't helpful. This was sent to me with a paper from Hawley's granddaughter but no more informations from Hawley himself, so this will be a research piece for the new owner.
  17. Heianjo tsuba with namako-gata hitsu ana, most of brass inlay is still in place (in some part is a little loose), nice steel plate patina. Age unknown, my guess is early Edo. Formerly W. M. Hawley collection Dimensions: 74.5 mm x 71.7 mm Thickness: at seppa dai 5.8 mm at mimi 4.5 mm Price 350€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  18. New prices: Tosho tsuba ==> 100€ Samurai menuki ==> 90€ Flower menuki ==> 120€ Handachi style fuchi and kashira (with a tsuka for free) ==> 130€
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