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  1. Ok, JP, thank you once again for your insightful advice JQuett
  2. Thank you for your feedback In the same lot, there is also another Nihonto much more damaged. Do you think it could be the same story / Period? Brian, I don't own this sword, so it's impossible to take a tang picture JP, my father, Alakon, of Greek origin and great adventurer wished to give me a more westernized first name…🤣 more seriously, given the little interest in swords and demonstrations in France, you have how many lives to acquire all your knowledge ?👍
  3. Dear All, I am looking for informations regarding this sword : wakizashi (?), Fake (?), Period (?) And histotic value? Can you give me your opinion? Thank you in advance for your precious advice Jean
  4. Hello, Before starting a possible restoration, I would like to have your opinion on this kogatana? (period?) Can you help me translate the mei. (Gimei?) I thank you in advance Jean
  5. Hello, Many thanks to the whole community for your explanatory efforts. I discover thanks to you a new school ! Very difficult research for me ..., Jean Quett
  6. Hello, Thank you for your interventions Ray, Jean, Jérémie, Can you, please, give me more details about this kantei (your analysis) ? (iori mune : exact, ) thanks in advance (This post obviously does not attract a lot of people ! ?) Jean Quett
  7. Hello, I am a newcomer on this forum very rich and very active. I am looking for information on this nihonto. Probably from early Muromachi / Nanbokucho period, Can I have some comments about this sword. (I am looking for tradition and forge school) here is my visual description : mumei, suriage, Shinogi Zukuri, sori 19mm, nagasa :735mm, Mitsu-mune, Suguha Notare, Mokume ? Blade very visually close to the IJASWORD post (from March 13, 2019) !!! Thank you for the help you can give me Jean Quett (France)
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