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  1. Just open the link i added in my first post http://japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm
  2. No problem, I translated another of his blades before and I remembered him ????
  3. Ishido Teruhide + kao http://japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm
  4. Thank you Kirill, for sure your inputs make sense, that's why i ruled out almost immediately all most famous schools since this didn't seem to fit in any of those, so i was looking for "zebras", those schools that are out of the main lines, but seems there's so little info about them also in Japanese books
  5. Hosho, Tegai, Kanabo, Rai, Awataguchi, Hasebe, Nobukuni, Heianjo Nagayoshi, Bizen Osafune, Shintogo Kunimitsu, Shizu, Masamune, Sadamune, Mino, Aoe, Shimada, Takagi Sadamune, Norishige, Uda, Fujishima Tomoshige, Sengo, Chikuzen Sa,Ryosai,Ryokai, probably even more so doesn't narrows down much
  6. Well mitsu-mune was quite popular in pre-muromachi tanto and still used in muromachi by several, so not really a kantei point here i'm afraid
  7. I thought it might be a "Rai utsushi" which was a popular among Mino smiths of late Muromachi, but still some things doesn't end up. Uda usually have a darker steel i think and have long kaeri, which this hasn't
  8. Here's my last purchase. Mei is Kunimitsu, obviously not one of the famous ones, but the blade looks pretty interesting to me. It's a pretty classic sugata with uchizori and mitsu-mune. There's a clear utsuri, looks whitish so would be probably classified as shirake, but unless other shirake this one is not dull and appears at the same angle as a "Bizen utsuri" would appear. I'm having trouble to point out a school or even the exact period, probably is a Muromachi revival, tho the nakago sori would point to older. Anyway here's the measures and the pictures, thanks to anyone will give an input. nagasa 25.7 cm kasane 6.5 mm motohaba 24.4 mm nakago sori 1 mm nakago nagasa 11.3 cm
  9. Steffie, do you have a budget? What size you look for?
  10. Yes seems pretty decent quality too, despite the unknown maker
  11. Thank you very much! Not my blade, i been asked if i could help, but here's some shot
  12. Hello, i'd like some help with this RJT gendaito, i managed to figure out the maker which should be Hiroaki (but no info about him anywhere), but the fluent writing style doen't allow me to figure more. Thanks to anyone will help
  13. Thank you John, do you have any idea which toys? My guess was they are tea tools, but not totally convinced
  14. Not even a wild guess it seems...
  15. Hello, i recently bought this nice ko-tosho, good size and fairly thin plate, but i'm having trouble to figure out the theme of the sukashi, anyone has some idea?
  16. Sunnobi tanto, signed "Hiroshi tsukuru kore" dated 1984 By modern swordsmith Keiun Naohiro
  17. I have some experience creating hamon and utsuri myself, what i learnt is that utsuri (at least the Bizen style one) is an effect of temperature transition, meaning that higher the difference of temperature between the ha and the mune and more likely it will appear. The reason why from Shinto times to today is become more rare is simply because the style of hamon changed, swordsmiths create more "controlled" hamon with clay designs using higher temperatures of hardening having as result a lower difference on the various parts of the blade. Anyway there are still some modern swordsmiths able to create it, this is a blade i own by modern tosho Keiun Naohiro
  18. Thank you guys, unfortunately i don't have more info about them, the owner didn't keep many records
  19. These items were stolen from a collector in Venice, in total there are 4 blades: 1 katana 1 wakizashi 1 tanto 1 tanto/wakizashi (the one with shibuichi kurikata rabbit shaped) Unfortunately there aren't many pictures, but if you see one of these objects please contact me
  20. But maybe Jo didn't know, so better not confuse him more
  21. i guess you mean dragonfly
  22. Not junk, It's a katchushi/tosho from the thickness most likely Edo period. Patina is good
  23. Could be Kannon riding a dragon or this to me https://broomcloset.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/benten-Japanese-goddess-of-eloquence/
  24. There are schools of iai that use odachi, so it's not a problem to get out the blade of the saya, just i feel interesting that such long blade was their sword of choice
  25. Seems there are also many very long blades, well over the 2.5 shaku which is now considered "standard" for practice for a man 175 cm tall, which i guess they weren't
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