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  1. The reason the artist made so complicated inlay is the same reason you like it...cause it looks cool These works are probably datable at the end of Muromachi period or very beginning of Edo period. As Gray said these are incline to suffer zogan loss cause the corrosion push out the wire or let them loose (wires are locked in position by the iron around them). Actually a friend of mine has one, i suggested him to sell it to you but he doesn't seem much incline to
  2. I just searched the topic on the forum and copied the link to the original picture I saw tsuba with this pattern before, but among the "heianjo" are quite rare, i guess you need to be lucky or very patient to find one
  3. 天上天下唯我独尊 I am the only master above and below the Heaven
  4. “Arinari” (有成), son or student of Sanjō Munechika (三条宗近), a tradition says that he was a student of the Ōshū smith Arimasa (有正), his early smith name was supposedly Arimori (有盛), it is said that he signed with the name Tametoshi (為利) during his stay in Kyōto and that he made there the sword Ishikiri (石切, lit. “stone cutter”) for Akugenta Yoshihira (悪源太義平, 1141-1160), but this would mean that his active period has to be moved up for about 150 years, other sources date him to the Heiji era (平治, 1159-1160) which seems more correct. It's a big name, kinda legendary, so most likely the kinzogan mei is fake. But the Shippo koshirae is nice
  5. Yes, Hizen school if not gimei
  6. 近江大掾藤原忠(*) Omi (no) Daijo Fujiwara Tada(missing)
  7. Bushu Edo ju Nagakuni saku NAGAKUNI (永国), 2nd gen., Genroku (元禄, 1688-1704), Musashi/Dewa – “Hōjōji Tachibana Nagakuni” (法城寺橘永国), “Bushū Edo-jū Nagakuni saku” (武州江戸住永国作), real name Umeyama Kanbei (梅山勘兵衛), he is also listed with the first name Kan´emon (勘右衛門), student of the 1st gen. Hōjōji Kunimasa (国正), he moved later to Akita (秋田)
  8. it was just the tester, so the kao is the one of the tester, here's an example If there's a mei it's on the other side
  9. 貳ツ胴 Futatsu do ( two torso ) 山野勘十郎久英 Yamano Kanjūrō Hisahide + Kao Should be this if i'm not wrong Yamano Kanjūrō Hisahide is a quite famous tester
  10. C0D


    Here's a previous topic with a tsuba signed shigetsugu and similar design http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/21236-two-mei-help/page-1
  11. C0D


    Tosho tsuba originally it's thought they were actually made by swordsmith, in Edo period still some swordshimth made some tsuba but mainly those in "tosho style" were made by tsubashi
  12. C0D


    The design is more refined and also older pieces were not signed
  13. C0D


    It's a nice tosho tsuba from Edo period, the mei seems to me to be Shigetsugu 重次 (btw the picture is upside down)
  14. 500€ plus shipping
  15. Size and also style, since I have several bigger than 8 cm, but most of them are pre-Edo
  16. I got a big Saotome tsuba, 99mm diameter, not cheap tho
  17. Last drop to 180€ plus shipping and PayPal, if unsold on Sunday it will be withdrawn
  18. Looks like Moriiki saku 盛粋作 Never heard and can't find any record
  19. Last reduction to 200€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  20. Price reduced to 220€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  21. Round ko-tosho tsuba with sukashi, i'm not sure what the suskashi rapresents, maybe tea tools? The thin plate and the iron point to a mid-Muromachi period. And it met some actions during these years, the two kirikomi show that. BOX NOT INCLUDED Price 250€ plus shipping and Paypal Diameter 78 mm Thickness at seppa dai: 1.5 mm Thickenss at mimi: 2.2-2.4 mm
  22. Just open the link i added in my first post http://japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm
  23. No problem, I translated another of his blades before and I remembered him ????
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