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  1. If original it would be Early 20th century, around Meiji Period. The flat side would be litterally mirror polished, usually those mirrors also have an handle attached, but maybe this one being small didn't need it or got broken?
  2. Another big drop to 650€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  3. It's a brass/bronze mirror, it is signed 天下一藤原政重 Tenkaichi Fujiwara Masashige
  4. The most "fancy" one of my collection. Shakudo tsuba depicting tiger and leopard by Itō Masataka 伊藤正隆 (aka Itō Katsumi 伊藤勝見)
  5. Thank you guys, tsuba is now SOLD
  6. New price 100€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  7. 和泉守兼定 Izumi no Kami Kanesada Is quite a famous name with several generations
  8. price reduced to 150€ plus shipping and Paypal fees
  9. A little discount, new price 130€ plus shipping and Paypal
  10. Iron tsuba with yamagane fukurin, the hitsu ana are probably a mon. The kanji longevity (壽) in two different styles of writing are inlayed in silver and shakudo. BOX NOT INCLUDED Diameter: 73mm Thickness: 4mm Price 180€ plus shipping and Paypal
  11. Simple plain iron tsuba with a nice shakudo fukurin, Edo period. BOX NOT INCLUDED Dimensions: 70x65 mm Thickenss: 4 mm Price 150€ plus Paypal and shipping
  12. That horimono (horrible-mono would be more correct) should be enough to turn that blade down without even checking the mei
  13. Hard to tell, it seems that mon is quite popular
  14. then it might be this guy http://sado2298.blog.fc2.com/img/201603251039547ad.jpg/
  15. looks like 蔵巻藤近 (Kuramaki Fujichika?), i'm not sure though
  16. Thank you guys, interestingly the tsuba also have the same kanji just in more traditional style
  17. i'm having a hard time to find which kanji is this, anyone can help?
  18. 5000$ would be a fair price, also considering the koshirae is iaito level
  19. btw his real name is Enomoto Eiichirō (榎本栄市郎), born 1951, son of Enomoto Sadayoshi (榎本貞吉)
  20. 伊豆住竜義作 Izu ju Tatsuyoshi saku Looks fairly legit http://www.giheiya.com/shouhin_list/japanese_sword/iaiyoushinken/01-1460.html
  21. What is readable is 江州住 Koshu ju On the other side was probably written "Soten", it looks like a cast copy tsuba from Meiji period
  22. The tanto is signed Yoshimitsu 吉光, might be Tosa Yoshimitsu
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