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  1. We bit premature mate, maybe you wait until after you get the sword LOL. Then you can tell stories. 😉
  2. yes its sword in question wanted to make sure Takeshita thanks all
  3. All i have is Hirokuni made. Please fill in blank before his name. Also trying to find Hiro kanji in E swords dont match any idea on which i should look under.
  4. Nick do you have John Yamotos book? The Samurai Sword?
  5. Why wouldn't I believe Chinese make good swords too.
  6. They all do the same as thing, i used the top one so id say A.
  7. Lightly oiled rag for nakago till red rust is gone.
  8. Looking forward to after shots. Id wipe in one direction nakago up, no back in forth. Change fold each swipe.
  9. Norimitsu is now on hold, member for five years, so he just made the cut. Plus he's very enthusiastic about being a caretaker of this bit of History. Going to be tough boxing this ol friend. Mark ther would not have been a problem.
  10. To all perspective buyers, the only way ill ship is USPS reserved which may take a few extra day do to it being locked up at each stop. Fully insured. If you do decide to return it must be returned in the same fashion. If not and i find it on door step ther will be a penalty. Red card outed...lol
  11. PM please which member advised.... nothing stinks ...yet. lol
  12. Closer look i agree with Geraint. Sword looks to have a fantastic hamon, more so than mine.
  13. Kake were mentioned in another post. This could be part of the deal. It would require its own shipping box paid for by buyee.
  14. Mr Big both Kake were sold with other sale's. See for sale ad for what i do have.
  15. Please consider registered mail. https://www.stamps.com/usps/registered-mail/ It has its own room, when you drop off at PO, each time it's handled it has to be signed for and noted who did it. UPS store is a racket, they rip you off in price. One of the few things I've lost was via UPS store.
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