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  1. I will ask my Japanese/American friend who translated for me. Then I will post his reply. Thanks guys! --Matt
  2. The blade was made by the 2 Million Yen swordsmith Kanenobu. The blade has kanji on both sides--one side refers to the god of archery and war. The other refers to a joining of Shinto and Buddhist theologies. Literally each side reads as follows: Kasuga Daimyôjin (春日大明神): The numinous unit of the associated kami and buddhas/bodhisattvas of the Kasuga-Kôfukuji multiplex, Nara. and Hachiman Daibosatsu (八幡大菩薩): The god of archery and war incorporating both elements from shintô and Buddhism. The blade measures 26 3/4" (67.9 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword has a complex, wavy hamon. Condition: This Special Order Japanese WW2 Samurai Army Officer's sword is in excellent condition. There are a few small nicks in the blade edge--the biggest of which is 1/32". The blade has occasional carbon patina. The nicks and patina staining will all come out during polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws. As mentioned, this sword will polish beautifully if desired--it is perfectly collectible and displays beautifully right now. $3750 obo
  3. I have heard from a friend who has translated for me. The side of the nakago that is full of kanji reads 'Taisho nana nen nigatsu (Tisho 7th year 2nd month)Masako (1st name) shyoji (who possess)'. So, this tanto was made in 'February, 1918'. And was Special Order made for '(Mr.) Masako'. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  4. I have heard from a friend who has translated for me. The side of the nakago that is full of kanji reads 'Taisho nana nen nigatsu (Tisho 7th year 2nd month)Masako (1st name) shyoji (who possess)'. So, this tanto was made in 'February, 1918'. And was Special Order made for '(Mr.) Masako'. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  5. Collectors--here is an 8" tanto by the 2.8 Million Yen gendai smith, Toshihide. One side of the nakago is full of kanji. This fine tanto is available for $3000. --Matthew Brice
  6. Hi Joe. Like this? --Matt P.S. This tanto has been posted in the 'For Sale' section on the Board.
  7. Thank you, Jean. That is a very helpful link! I appreciate your help, Jean! --Matt
  8. Hello. Could I get some help translation on this gendai tanto by Toshihide? I would very much appreciate your help! --Matt Brice
  9. Whoa John. That was so quick. Thank you so much! Awesome. Awesome. I appreciate your help, John! --Matthew Brice
  10. Hello. I am asking for help from those of you who may read Japanese translating the kanji on both sides of the blade on a sword I own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! --Matt
  11. Super funny though that I seem to be being 'scolded' above for listing a known antique Kanefusa sword--a smith that is documented in at least two Japanese references to have put kikusui crests upon receiving Special/Custom order requests from Japanese Officers--with no claim to being linked to the Minatogowa Shrine. I made no Minatogawa claim. Please read the full thread before trying to 'light me up' guys! --Matt
  12. ...after reading the showato/gendai debate above, I re-read my listing--then removed the old 'gendai' text from the first Kanefusa Special Order sword with kikusui crest listing. As I said, missed those words when re-using most of the description I wrote on the original sword--that first sword did not have a Seki stamp. --Matt
  13. Gentleman, there is no claim made by myself that this is a Minatogawa Shrine sword--it most certainly is not a Minatogawa sword. The thread got off track somewhere with a forum member's Minatogawa reference above--not mine, but by a member who hadn't read the entire thread likely. Honest mistake, but off-track. Please read the listing, and the thread above. This sword is only exactly as I have stated--the sword was made by 23rd Generation Kanefusa. It is a Special Order blade--as noted in the online 'Japanese Sword Index', as well as in Jim Dawson's book Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 -- Cyclopedia Edition. Swords by 23rd Generation Kanefusa with the kikusui crest were made as Special Order/Custom Order swords. They are known to advanced collectors, and are noted in both refererences mentioned above. Here is the link to my listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362254859846 As for the showato/gendai debate, I see the Seki stamp, of course. This is the second sword I have owned by Kanefusa with a kikusui crest. I sold the other, and used the description from the first listing and made a few changes--I missed the 'gendai' phrasing in my original listing when listing the current sword. Yes, of course, generally a sword with a Seki stamp is a showato/oil-tempered, semi-traditionally made sword. Sincerely, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  14. Hi Jason. This is Matthew Brice, the owner of that sword. Take a look at the reference pages provided. 23rd Generation Kanefusa, according to the online Japanese Sword Index as well as Jim Dawson's Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 -- Cyclopedia Edition, made a few of his swords with a kikusui crest by Special/Custom Order. These swords are difficult to find. Thank you for posting your question, Jason. Good luck with your studies! --Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  15. UPDATED INFO ON THIS SWORD: This sword is dated on the reverse side of the nakago Dec. 8th, 1941--the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor (Japan time--due to the Intl Date Line; so Dec. 7, 1941 in Honolulu). For those of you who viewed the original listing of this sword--I had originally described it as having been dedicated the day after Pearl Harbor, but I received comments from a number of WW2 enthusiasts that in Japan, due to the International Date Line, Dec. 8th is the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  16. Not papered. Identified by NBTHK-American Branch board member.
  17. This katana tsuba has a 3 3/16" in diameter (8.1 cm).
  18. For Sale: Koshoami Tsuba. Condition--exceptional color, excellent 'bones' on the outer rim, tight hairline crack at kozuka hitsu-ana (per one of the NBTHK-American Branch board members--nothing to be concerned with on this tsuba). $650 boxed. Thank you. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  19. Price lowered to $2895 obo. Thank you!
  20. Daito sword by Mimasaka kuni Tsuyama ju Kanesaki available. Comes with two sets of papers. Submitted twice over a number of years, each confirming signature. Especially large signed katchushi tsuba with umbrella motif. Deep shakudo fittings. Blade length 29 11/16" (75.4 cm). Unusual size. Big sword, big mounts. Impressive to see and handle. $4895 30+ photos available on my site: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/antique-Japanese-samurai-daito-sword-shakudo-papered-signed-old-kanesaki/ --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades
  21. Thanks Joe! When Chris Bowen looked at it, and pointed out the utsuri I was very surprised--because I hadn't thought to look for utsuri in a gendai.
  22. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/antique-Japanese-samurai-sword-with-ken-horimono-superior-carving-old/
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