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  1. 8 SWORDS FOR SALE. Early Mantetsu w/RARE Manchuria Railroad Symbol on Nakago. $6000 OBO Rare Japanese Territory Mongol Military Government Katana. $3000 OBO Papered Blade, & Papered Koshirae--Elegant Samurai Katana by Hamabe Toshinori. $3200 OBO 1 Million Yen Army Gendai by Kaneaki. $1895 OBO WW2 Katana w/Dragon & Sanscrit Horimono. $1395 OBO Hitatsura/Full Temper O-Tanto--just polished by Bob Benson. $2750 OBO WW2 Gendai Katana by 23rd Generation Kanefusa. $1950 OBO Papered Soshu Hiromasa in Russo-Japanese Mounts. w/FINE HORIMONO. $6500 OBO www.stcroixblades.com
  2. Update--the papered Yoshichika Army katana has SOLD.
  3. Wanted to Buy: WW2 Army sword w/Bohi groove. The blade on these swords are usually arsenal-made, and have a polished-on, or etched hamon. Not looking for an NCO with aluminum handle. Koshirae and blade need to be in at least excellent condition. Thank you. --Matt
  4. Update--the Japanese pilgrimage kozuka has SOLD.
  5. ...more photos of the swords, tsuba, yanone, & kozuka available. --Matt www.stcroixblades.com
  6. An update on the 8 swords--the Police sword with Nihonto blade has sold. ALSO--forgot to mention that I have a GENERAL GRADE dress sword available as well. This relatively hard-to-find sword is available for $1,695. --Matt www.stcroixblades.com
  7. Thanks Brian. Woops. Here are a few photos. Talk to you soon, Brian! --Matt
  8. 8 Swords FOR SALE: --1 Million Yen Gendai Army Sword by Kaneaki, $1895 --WW II Katana w/Dragon & Sanscrit Horimono, $1595 --WW2 Army Katana, Unsigned, $825 --(Rare) FULL TEMPER Hitatsura O-Tanto, Just Polished by Bob Benson, $2750 --23rd Generation Kanefusa 1944 Mounts Army Sword, High-Grade Koshirae, $1950 --PAPERED WW II Gendaito by YOSHICHIKA, Imperial Guard, w/(Rare) Family Mon Menuki, $4500 --WW2 Era Police Sword w/Nihonto Blade, $600 --PAPERED 16th Century Soshu Hiromasa D-Guard w/Fine HORIMONO, $6500 --8 Iron Tsuba, $75-$350 --2 Arrow/Yanone, 1 Sukashi, 1 (Rare) Yari shape, $350-$550 --1 Very Fine Kozuka w/Pilgrimage Motif, Miniature Kanji in Motif, $400 www.stcroixblades.com
  9. Thank you, Grey. I appreciate that. Yes, my name is Matt Brice. I not all that familiar yet with the Message Board's posting rules. I visit the site periodically for research, but haven't posted much. Collectors/dealers: Every sword on www.StCroixBlades.com comes with Free Shipping to anywhere in the world. If you ever have a question about a sword on the site, just email or call--anytime (I'll answer or call you back within an hour). A 'Contact Us' link is on the Home Page, and the phone number is there at the bottom of the page. Some of my collector/dealer customers have chosen to receive the St. Croix Blades email Newsletter. It's a great way to keep informed of the new swords that get listed without having to remember to check the site every few days. You can find the sign-up blank at the bottom right of any page. Thank you! --Matt B
  10. Collectors--I have 15 swords currently for sale. Photos and descriptions of the swords can be seen on my website: www.StCroixBlades.com. To see all of the swords, click on 'SHOP', then 'Japanese SWORDS'. I'll have room for a little price negotiation on most swords. I can be reached at mbrice@stcroixblades.com for any questions. Thank you!
  11. Collectors--I have a very rare Japanese second model 1890 Flag Rank/Admiral's Dress Sword for Sale. The price is $12,000 or best offer. Thank you! --Matt www.stcroixblades.com
  12. This post is for Chris Bowen. Chris, I specialize in military mount swords. How do I get my business's link added to the Commercial/Dealers list on the site? My business name is St. Croix Blades, and the website address is www.stcroixblades.com. Thanks Chris! --Matt
  13. Hello nihonto members. Could I get some help translating this signature as well? Thank you for any help you can provide! This is a WW2 era sword that has what is likely to be a machine-made blade. The nakago has what looks like a miniature Seki stamp.
  14. Hello. Could I ask nihonto message board members for some translation help, please? Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide. This is a WW2 era sword with what looks like a machine-made blade. There is also what looks to me like a miniature Seki stamp on it.
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