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  1. SOLD! (That was quick). Thank you. —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  2. I have just listed a hard to find Late War Mounts Mantetsu. Here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/rarest-late-war-mounts-mantetsu-Japanese-army-officer-shin-gunto-sword-th/ $4500 (if paying via regular Paypal or credit card, add 4% PP/cc fee). Kind regards, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  3. Hi Bruce. I have listed a rare Late War mounts Mantetsu. Posting the link here so you can use it for reference. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/rarest-late-war-mounts-mantetsu-Japanese-army-officer-shin-gunto-sword-th/ --Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  4. This sword is available again. The sword sold while I was on vacation for 2 weeks. The buyer knew I was gone for 2 weeks--no problem it seemed. My return flight was cancelled--I got home 24 hours later than planned. And as a result I was...dog tired. Short on sleep--so Wednesday I was beat, and wasn't able to get enough shipping done. 28 items sold while I was gone (28 items is 2 days of shipping anyway). I kept him informed of the delay in shipping along the way. The buyer of this sword was the only person with no patience among all the buyers, and with no understanding that we are all still human. He cancelled his purchase on me. Even after I tried to preserve the sale by offering him a free Company Grade tassel for the sword. And in case the 'buyer' is prowling this site, I made a mistake because I was gone on vacation--highly distracted of course with family time. I missed that he had actually paid the extra for FedEx shipping (I offer free USPS Priority shipping). Because I hadn't noticed he paid the FedEx shipping after all, that was the 'last straw' apparently for an impatient person. What a guy. And 'guy', no need to launch a slanderous attack at me here, I have not named you here so your reputation among others is untarnished. On the upside, and back to positive thoughts , this sword is available again. It's a beauty! Here is the listing...picture it in your mind with a high condition Company Grade Officer's tassel now, on me! https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-ww2-shin-gunto-army-sword-gendaito-rare-blade-shape-w-silvered-mou/ Kind regards, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  5. Here is the table as provided by jp-sword.com: Yasukuni Tosho Toko Taikan (1982) Token Yoran (2001) Nihonto no Kenkyu to Kansho (1980) Shinshinto Taikan Ranking (1979) Overall Ranking* Yasuhiro Yasutoku Yasumitsu Yasutake Yasuoki Yasunori Yasutoshi Yasushige Yasunobu Yasuyoshi Yasuaki Yasumune Yasukuni \1,800,000 \1,500,000 \2,000,000 \2,000,000 \1,500,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000 N/L \5,000,000 \4,000,000 \3,600,000 \5,000,000 \4,000,000 \4,000,000 N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L \1,000,000 \1,000,000 \2,000,000 \1,800,000 N/L N/L N/L N/L \2,000,000 \1,300,000 \1,000,000 N/L 11/20 10/20 19/20 N/L N/L N/L 7/20 N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L I I I I II II II III III III III IV IV Yasunori was one of the two original smiths at the Yasukuni Shrine along with Yasuhiro. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  6. This sword is available again. The gentleman who bought this sword passed unexpectedly. I bought this sword back from his wife along with his collection of 27 swords. $8750 (plus Paypal or credit card fee of 4.4%. This fee can be avoided when paying with a check, USPS Postal Money Orders, cashier's check, or bank wire). --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  7. Yep. When the sword was delivered to me, the Samurai mounts in the original photos turned out to not fit the sword--at all. A tsuka from some other sword was slid onto the nakago--the hole in the tsuka wasn't in the right spot, and wasn't even close. The saya wasn't right either. I contacted the seller to ask what was up with the mounts, and he told me he had wanted to keep the original gunto mounts, because they were so unusual. I told him, of course, that I needed the original gunto mounts so negotiated an additional price for them. Glad to have the original koshirae and sword back together. What a beauty. --Matt
  8. Hi Bruce. Here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/koa-isshin-mantetsu-ww-ii-Japanese-army-officer-sword-katana-antique-ww2/ —Matt
  9. Koa Isshin Mantetsu—SOLD Gendai by Masayasu—SOLD Gendai by Masashige—SOLD Army NCO sword—one SOLD …others newly listed —Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  10. Oh yes, Paz. I see. Hopefully I can avoid those complications. --Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  11. Hello UK members! I occasionally send a sword to the UK. I can't seem to remember the Customs Form language that my UK customers require I note on the form. It is some sort of regulation/Customs law for antique swords. Could you guys help me out with the wording? Thank you in advance! --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  12. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ Koa Isshin Mantetsu Gendai by Masayasu Gendai by Masashige Army NCO swords etc.
  13. 1 desirable Koa Isshin Mantetsu WW2 Japanese Army Officer's sword available. This Japanese Mantetsu sword would make an important addition to any collection. This sword has exceptional early mounts. Note the deep red color of the lined habaki. Note too the early War red color of the fittings. This sword is signed 'KOA ISSHIN MANTETSU SAKU'--meaning 'Develop Asia by One Mind Mantetsu respectfully made this'. The reverse side of the nakago is dated. The spine of the nakago is also marked. This fine sword measures 26 1/8" (66.3 cm) (measured properly from the blade tip to the notch in the blade spine). CONDITION: This World War II Japanese Mantetsu sword is in excellent condition. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. The blade edge is excellent with no nicks. The blade has occasional staining from past oxidation that had just begun to form, and was removed. The blade is perfectly straight. The handle and fittings are in excellent condition. The sword locks tightly into the saya/scabbard, and functions perfectly. $3500 (If paying via credit card or PayPal, 4% credit card fee/PayPal fee added to the purchase price).
  14. 1 Japanese World War II Army Officer's Samurai sword available. This full polish katana was made by Masashige. This Japanese sword would make an important addition to any collection. This is a desirable hand-made gendai sword. Matsubayashi Masashige was awarded 'Special Honor Noted Seat/Sword Forging Teacher' at the 1941 Exhibition. Just 33 of the hundreds of swordsmith participants in the 1941 Exhibition were awarded this ranking. This sword's hamon is exceptional. See the photos for a closer look. This sword was made with tamahagane, and was water-tempered. Note the hada/grain in this sword not exhibited in most WW2 gendai-to swords. In 1942 Mr. Kurihara Hikosaburo, a historian who helped to bring out a revival of the sword-making tradition in Japan, ranked 400 wartime Japanese swordsmiths into 7 skill categories--saijo saku (highest), jojo saku, jo saku, chujo saku, chu saku, chuge saku, and ge saku. Matsubayashi Masashige was ranked in the second highest skill category by Mr. Hikosaburo. The blade measures 24 1/8" (61.3 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. Note the superior koshirae. CONDITION: The blade is in full polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. The Army koshirae are in superior condition. $3500 shipped (If paying via regular Paypal or via credit card, add 4% fee). Here is the link to the full complement of photos: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-ww2-shin-gunto-army-sword-gendaito-masashige-full-polish-katana/ Regards, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  15. Awesome! I had 'Regimental Commander' Hirai. Is the same character used for both Captain and Regimental Commander? Thank you, Steve! Very kind of you to translate. For those who might like to see the rest of the sword photos, here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-army-generals-sword-presentation-ww2-general-grade-kyu-gunto-idd/ --Matt
  16. Hello! I could use some help with another translation—this time on a dragon/sea serpent themed fine iron tsuba. Thank you in advance to whomever can help! —Matt
  17. Hello. I have one translation from a friend on this Presentation General Grade dress sword. I want to double-check though with others—just to be sure we have it translated correctly. Hopefully one of our Japanese speaking community members can help. Thank you in advance! —Matt
  18. This sword is still available. No expensive polish needed--it's already been paid for by a previous collector! Regards, --Matthew Brice https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/
  19. 1 ID'd Japanese WW2 General Grade kyu-gunto dress sword. This Japanese Army sword has a rare Presentation on the blade to a Japanese Army General. This rare sword would make an exceptional addition to any collection. The blade inscription reads on the first side 'Gifted to Regimental Commander Hirai in Celebration of Promotion'. The reverse inscription reads '46th Infantry Regiment Officer's Organization'. Japanese General Grade swords have tortoiseshell grips as this one does. CONDITION: There is plating wear on the blade. The handle wire is broken in spots. The tortoiseshell grip is perfect. The saya is in excellent condition. The acid-etched yakiba (hamon) is visible the length of the blade. Add 4% PayPal fee if paying via PayPal. The fee can be avoided by paying via PayPal Friends/Family, cashier's check, bank wire, or personal check. $2500 shipped
  20. Here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ --Matthew Brice
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