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  1. 58 Tsuba available from a collection I purchased. Note that some tsuba that appear in the photos have sold. Price sheet is attached. Take 20% off the listed price. --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades MB TH tsuba group list -- valuations descriptions 5-22-20.docx
  2. If someone is looking for their first (or second) short gunto, I decided to switch my short gunto from a fixed price listing to an auction. The auction ends Sunday. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114216153943 --Matthew Brice St. Croix Blades
  3. FOR SALE: 1 Japanese WWII gendaito sword available. This sword was made by the 2 Million Yen, Sword Forging Teacher, Kanemichi. This World War 2 Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. This is early work for Kanemichi. He signed with his first, early signature Kanetoki. This a traditionally-made, water-tempered sword made with tamahagane. The blade measures 26 5/8" (67.6 cm) from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki. This fine sword is mounted in shirasaya. At the 1941 Sword Exhibition, Kanemichi was ranked Special Honor Noted Seat--Sword Forging Teacher. John Slough noted in this book: 'His real name is Kojima Tokijiro. Kanemichi was born in July 1902. At first he studied under Kojima Katsumasa who used to be the student of Zenjo Kaneyoshi. Later he became a student of Watanabe Kanenaga. He was a Rikugen Jumei Tosho and had many students.' Condition: The blade is in original polish with only a few scattered small pits. Owing to this sword being an early work of Kanemichi's (having been made roughly 1935-1937), there are two small blisters. The blade is perfectly straight. The hamon/temper line and boshi are perfectly healthy. $2200 obo --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  4. I have one up for sale right now. Unfortunately, as is oftentimes the case, the leather combat cover didn't last the years since the War. Here is the link to the listing and photos: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362947947448 As can be seen in the photos, this is not some post-War made-up 'pilot's sword'--you can see the ito is original. Not a fabulous blade, but this is definitely another example for this thread on short gunto. --Matt Brice
  5. Hi Dave. Yes, the sword has two functioning mekugi-ana. —Matt
  6. Hi Neil. My sword is not dated. Here are some photos to add to the conversation. —Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  7. Here are a couple of additional photos. I forgot to note there is another cool feature of this sword--the mune has a kiri komi (sword cut). Let me know if any collectors or dealers have questions. Once papered, this sword will be even more complete. If the San Francisco show happens in August, this sword is an easy paper. Thank you. --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades
  8. Thanks Shamsy. When I saw it for sale, I had to add it to my dealer inventory. It's a beauty! --Matt
  9. Hi Neil! I too have an Army sword by Amahide with Silver plated mounts. My sword is a Special Order for a 'Mr. Suzuki'. --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  10. 1 Shinshinto Japanese Samurai katana available. It was carried by Samurai during the late 1700's to early/mid 1800's. The daito was then remounted for carry in World War 2 by an IJA Army Officer. This piece would make a fine acquisition for any collector. This sword is in full polish. The blade was greatly shortened. You can see the original mekugi-ana/tang hole way down at the bottom. About 2 1/2" up from that was where the habaki originally sat. This sword was originally 34" long. The nagasa measures 26 1/2" (67.3 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This katana has fine horimono carving. Since this sword was shortened, much of the horimono carving is on the nakago under the tsuka/handle. What a beautiful piece. The reverse side has buddhist characters carved. Condition Full polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. There are no ware, no fukure, no flaws--of any kind whatsoever, exactly as what is expected of a shinshinto piece. The mounts are nearly perfect. This daito would be so interesting to get papered at shinsa. Thank you. --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades
  11. St. Croix Blades currently has 12 Swords listed on eBay. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=stcroixblades&item=362949686568&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xjapanese+sword.TRS0&_nkw=Japanese+sword&_sacat=0 You don't have to purchase on eBay. If you see something you like, let me know and we'll arrange a direct purchase. Thank you. --Matthew Brice
  12. FLAT DRAGON HORIMONO Japanese Samurai -Antique/Old Nihonto/30+ inches. $5000 obo Description: 1 unusual and collectible Japanese Samurai available. This daito has desirable flat horimono of a dragon. This flat style of horimono is much less common. The work is of a high grade. This traditionally made late 1700’s/early 1800’s A.D. Japanese daito would make an important acquisition for any collection. Measures a long 30 7/8” (78.4 cm) from the tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki. Mumei. This hamon is suguha/straight with occasional undulating peaks. This daito’s sori/curvature is very slight. I showed this daito to a former board member of the American branch of the NBTHK. He feels this daito is much deserving of a polish—its exceptional horimono work, and unusual length make it deserving of polish. It is a nihonto unlike any other he has seen in 50 years. Condition: No nicks. The area below the shinogi line and above the horimono in the bohi has the very slight tiny surface finish changes associated with 75 years of very slight occasional oxidation. The horimono will not need any polishing. And the other areas mentioned will need only a lighter polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. There are no blisters. The wood habaki has damage. This daito is a perfect candidate for polish and is much deserving of one. It will paper at shinsa. This daito is a wise investment—it is unusual, it has superior horimono work, and it is of an extraordinary length. Here is the link to the listing--there are lots of photos on the listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362957313688 --Matthew Brice
  13. Update--I just showed close-up pictures of the nakago to Chris Bowen. I was wrong on the signature being gaku-mei. Got it all straightened out now though. Wanted everyone to know! --Matt
  14. No, it’s not inlaid on the other side. The piece the remaining mei is on is about 2-3 mm thick. If you look at the close-up view of the zoomed in lower nakago photo, when you look at the lowest mekugi-ana, you will see two different colored metals. And similiarly, when the sword is looked at from its edge (say from the mune side), you can see that 2-3 mm thick piece applied to the thickness of the nakago. Something to note, when I showed the sword to Andrew Quirt, he felt it was an even better smith than Yoshinobu—so it would be interesting to submit this sword to the NBTHK to see what they determine. —Matt
  15. This sword was made by Yoshinobu between 1615 and 1624 A.D. This katana is in World War 2 Army mounts. This sword has a silver Samurai family mon. The temper line on this sword is very beautiful. The original Shinsa worksheet is also included with this papered sword. Of special interest on this sword--when the sword was shortened, the original signature was inlayed onto the shortened nakago. Most collectors and dealers will note that most inlayed signatures occur on very nice swords. Condition: The mounts on this sword are in exceptional condition. The blade has three nicks, and only some very occasional shallow surface pitting. This fine sword will polish nicely. $4,500 obo. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  16. Update to my previous For Sale post titled '65 Tsuba from Collection FOR SALE'--please now take 25% off the prices in that post. (You can view the tsuba photos, descriptions, and prices in that post by scrolling the posts in this 'For Sale' section here on the Nihonto Message Board). Note that tsuba T2, T3, T5, T23, & T65 have sold. Thank you. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  17. Collectors and dealers--now take 25% off the list price! The following tsuba have sold: T2 T3 T5 T23 T65 Thank you. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com info@stcroixblades.com
  18. Thank you for the dozen or so PM messages in the last few days. Update: Please now as you look through the price list, TAKE 20% OFF ALL LISTED PRICES. Thank you. —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  19. 65 Tsuba from a Collection I Bought available For Sale. These tsuba run the gamut from super nice to oh, kind of 'blah'. On the nice side there are Soten or Hiragiya school, Namban, Heianjo, Akasaka, etc. On the 'blah' side--there are some that were cleaned, rusty, or otherwise not interesting. But, here's the list and here are the photos. Pick out a tsuba or several, whatever you can use for your collection or for mounting. Thank you! --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com TH MB -- tsuba group list -- descriptions valuations.docx
  20. Hello Geraint. Perhaps if you aren't logged into your eBay account--and you are just browsing eBay.com (.com as Brian suggested), you will be able to see the listings as a guest.? You might also take a look at my sword listings on my website www.stcroixblades.com. I don't have as many listed there, but there are some. Thanks Geraint! --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades 715-557-1688
  21. Collectors--St. Croix Blades has 12 swords listed for sale up on eBay currently. They run the gamut--from Buy It Now listings to Auction listings, from Showato to gendai, from fully polished to as-is. Take a look to see if there is anything you might be interested in. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=Japanese+swrod&_ssn=stcroixblades&item=362883002543&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC2.A0.H0.Xjapanese+sword.TRS1&_nkw=Japanese+sword&_sacat=0 Those of you who don't have an eBay account--or who want a lower price (I'll subtract the fees from the listed price), contact me for a direct sale. Thank you! Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  22. Thank you so much Morita san! Very kind of you and the other gentlemen to help me. —Matt
  23. Thanks mywei and uwe! I’ll get properly oriented photos posted here tomorrow. Thanks again! —Matt
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