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  1. Thank you, Steve! Very kind of you to translate!
  2. Hello collectors. I have a great handmade gendaito sword for sale. The nakago literally says it was made with tamahagane--which makes it pretty cool. In this case, you don't have to guess traditionally made or not? 'Made with Tamahagane'--uh, let me guess. I am double-checking my translation of the mei. I get 'Noshu ju Seki Sato Sukemitsu Nobumitsu Tamahagane kore tsukuru'. But I would like to make sure I have it EXACTLY right. Can you guys help me out with an exact translation? Thank you. --Matt Brice 715-557-16888
  3. I am taking a bit of a leap and am auctioning off 3 swords. Each ends on eBay on Sunday night. Please take a look at them. You can contact me here in the message board, through eBay, or direct info@stcroixblades.com. Here are the links: 1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362762540154 2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362762540156 3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113898616059 --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  4. The sword pictured at top is fake; the sword on the bottom is real.
  5. This is the second Imperial Household dirk I have owned. Amazing and rare daggers. —Matt St. Croix Blades
  6. Hi Bruce. It was chance...a pretty awesome chance though! --Matt
  7. Just because they are so hard to find--here are photos of a desirable Imperial Household dagger I just picked up. Enjoy. --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  8. Here are a few more photos! Thank you. --Matt Brice http://stcroixblades.com
  9. FOR SALE: Rare Imperial Household Dirk -- $7000. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  10. Note the copper and shakudo tsuba is ko-kinko. —Matt
  11. Hi Tom. Sure you are. Maybe military koshirae isn’t of interest to you as a collector—which is fine, of course. To the military sword collector, this sword is among the best of the very highest quality military mounts made. Red sharkskin saya, the best fittings, family mon, etc. At any of our U.S. sword shows, this would be the very best Army koshirae sword there—hands down. I travel and exhibit at each of them. What does one pay for an Army sword with a signed nihonto blade—with premium condition—and with premium mounts?? One that is among the prettiest most of us has seen—for many military collectors, a centerpiece Army sword. (Military sword collectors, you know what I mean). Thanks Tom for your question. —Matt
  12. I hear you. Looks like I will have to try harder to get you guys some better photos. —Matt
  13. Hi Ken. Yes, the blade measures 26.6 cm from blade tip to bottom of the notch in the habaki with the tape pulled tight—proper method. I have no paperwork or provenance. —Matt
  14. I'm looking for help in translating the signature on an interesting matchlock I will have up for sale soon. The signature is a little hard to make out as you will see, but I did take photos from different angles and with different lighting to try to get a translator enough to see. By the way, this matchlock carbine has a feature I find intriguing. The barrel features a fluer-de-lis. The French sent 15 military advisors to Japan to teach the Satsuma samurai Western methods of warfare. Any help in translating the maker's signature would be appreciated. Thank you. --Matthew Brice
  15. I'll try that, Piers. I do have more photos of the signature with different angles and lighting. Thank you for the suggestion! --Matthew Brice
  16. Ok Piers. Feel free to comment here members. No problem at all. I look forward to hearing what anyone can offer!
  17. Yes. I’ll take a photo of the whole nakago tomorrow when I get back home. —Matt
  18. As I recall it was Shinto or Shinshinto. I have to check Fujishiro yet. —Matt
  19. I am looking for some help with my matchlock carbine. It has barrel designs that I haven't seen before. Members--please, reply via private message. Thank you! The barrel designs are in gold wire. The design which I am intriqued by is a fleur-de-lis. The French sent 15 military advisors to teach the Satsuma samurai Western methods. That's why I am curious about this matchlock carbine. The dragon is done in gold and silver. And help would be appreciated. Thank you. --Matthew Brice
  20. Hi Ken. The blade measures 10 1/2" (26.6 cm). The kissaki measures 5 5/16" (13.5 cm). --Matt
  21. FOR SALE: A tanto with an osoraku blade--a rare blade shape. This sword is available for $2400, or best offer. --Matthew Brice
  22. FOR SALE: I have a sword available that has the highest class Army mounts. Everything on this sword is of the highest quality. Not the least of which is the red sharkskin-covered saya. It has the over-sized tsuba, contrasting color seppa, premium sarute, family mon, etc. The blade is a nihonto--it is signed Kaneyoshi. This sword is available for $7995 obo. This sword has the highest quality Army mounts to be found. --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  23. Be sure to use the link to take a look at the listing. There are many more photos provided in the listing. A full description is available there as well.
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