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  1. All, Thoughts on this type 98. The mei on the nakago looks too crude for an original, but I may be way off on this. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Thanks all for a very interesting discussion. When looking at it closely, the nakago looks to have kanji characters on it, but not ledgible due to corrosion, so no way to tel who the smith was. Either way thanks again!
  3. Can someone please enlighten me. This sword is for sale as a Edo period, old family blade in WWII tanker/pilots mountings. How can one discern that this is an edo blade? The ad says unsigned, but it looks as if some kanji characters are barely visible on the nakago. Any thoughts on a fair price? Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi all, I am getting back to my first love, WWII Japanese swords. I already have two semi-traditionally mage officers Gunto's. My question is what would a nice quality (Showa) Gendaito in type 1 or two gunto mounts run (low to reasonably high quality, not associated with a famous person..just a nicely well taken care of gendai?) Here are a couple of pics of showa semi-traditiopnally made guntos, but now I need a gandaito!
  5. Oops, the total for the sword was $1575, not $1676.
  6. Thanks Geraint! As far as the scabbard paint goes, the seller says, "The scabbard is black and not the traditional creamy color that you normally see. I believe this was a period done thing for whatever reason." I don't read Japanese, but does the mei look good to you? I am not sure if the scabbard is wood or metal wrapped wood as this was an online auction. I probably paid a bit on the high side, but do you think $1575 is ok, or did I get fleeced? My knowledge is limited to NCO swords, so i am a bit of a novice. Thanks again, Cheers!
  7. Hello! What are your thoughts on this signed Type 98? Any idea why the scabbard has been painted black? And, of course finally, do you think this is an original? Best Regards! -D
  8. Also, I do keep a catalog of all my artifacts in an excel spreadsheet. Any non-original parts/additions to any item are commented and noted and would be disclosed if/when I part with them. -Cheers!
  9. Picked up this nice reproduction screw thanks to BANGBANGSAN and Don Schlickman:
  10. Bruce, it sold for $2500..about $500 more than I was willing to spend on this sword..I think I will check out the for sale section here, where I don't have to be as concerned about reproductions..but I will still do my due dillegance (sp?).
  11. Thanks for all your replies. Bruce, $1000 would be a steal! I think it will go up quite a bit near auction end.
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