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For Sale: Ikeda Tatsuo Shinsakuto


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For sale is a Ikeda Tatsuo (Masayuki) Shinsakuto in Koshirae. I actually have the measurements for this blade written down! Like with the Ko Mihara, just cleaning out some inventory as I'm in the middle of a purchase. This sword never really fit into my collection and was more of an impulse buy as the temper was very active. I believe it was used for iai at some point but the polish is still in good condition with only some minor scuffs. This sword also came with a second saya with kozuka and kogai pockets interestingly. I took some recent pictures which can be found on the Nihonto facebook page but I'll upload them here as well. One of the pictures has a link to a book where the smith is listed but honestly I never really did much research into this smith. I only have one original scan that was included in the sale years ago on my google drive, the rest of the photo's are mine.  


Overall it's a beefy blade with nice activity and very tight forging (expected from a new blade anyway haha).  Asking price is $4500 but feel free to message me with questions or offers as well! Thanks!





Nagasa: 67.5 cm

Motohaba: 3.5 cm

Sakihaba: 2.3 cm

Kasane: 7mm

Dated 1986 I think















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Was bringing this thread back up and realized I never answered Chris's question! The marks on the nakago are actually shallow delaminations. It's hard to see in person as well as the scan but in closeups it pops out with the shadows. If anyone has any other questions let me know but gonna bump this thread.


Going to propose to my girlfriend of 8yrs after she finishes nursing school (next May) so time to get the ring haha. Keeping the same as the last bump $3800 +pp/shipping. 

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Mostly collect shinsakuto and to me you see it occasionally. An Enomoto Sadayoshi I had at one point had a shallow one on the nakago and a small Tatsuyoshi hocho tanto I still have has a small delamination on the blade. But only on one side; can reference the pictures.  

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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