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    and thought the blades very intersting...but was wondering about the fittings they look like new repo tsuka and tsuba, do you have better photo to post here?
  2. if you cant get ahold of Keith try David McDonald here> http://www.montanairon.com/swords.html he has done tsuka work for me and it always comes back very tight witn no play of tsuba sand seppa.
  3. i dont think got a bad deal at all ...unless the other four are really bad ....which i doubt ...id say you did quite well.
  4. Hi Steven, Thank you for thinking of us. We are all fine but it did shake us up quite a bit. The big Island and Maui were hit the hardest with structual damage to some buildings and landslides. On our island the entire electric system was shut down so they have been slowly restarting it in different areas of the island. We finally got ours back this morning. They are still getting the bugs out of it because the street lights are messed up. I think flights are back to normal so Bob can come back on Wed. Take care, Rita
  5. heres praying all is well on the Islands not sure if we have members there if so let us know how your doing.
  6. but belive it may be the Camel toad mon.. :lol: ill get back with ya
  7. Stephen

    Rusty spot

    a light rubbing of bone/ ivory may help just dont go in strong and lightly oil after your done. you may wait for others to post as alot dont belive you should do anything except oil it, IMHO it wont hurt.
  8. maybe for a leather strap to retain on a gunto
  9. about sword with kanji in the toji mark being from Gendai era...but i have seen more than few so ill have to stick with what i said Not totally uncommon, C & T im not sure what the kanji is, someone should be able to translate it maybe Nobody.
  10. uncommon for togi to sign in his polish mark I have one somewhere in file ill see if I can find it. Tim i very seldom check my pm's so if you need to contact me use my email address h2obro1@aol.com
  11. of the sugata and close ups of the blade should tell us, as of now i agree with RT not looking very close in the mei Dept.
  12. Stephen

    Mei Help, Please

    care to share more photos
  13. dweller like me, seems all the items have a extra set of 0s maybe someday
  14. the Max is in Indiana the show of shows is in KY....sorry http://www.themaxshow.com/
  15. Most of us have probably lost money on swords they thought were ok. Good luck. the best advice so far
  16. is a very big military show this coming weekend in KY, id go if you could make it, and just ask to look at their swords, always pull the sword from its saya with the edge up riding on its back ..mune... careful not to lean it to its ether side, pull it all the way out with one slow motion hold the blade up and use both hands on the handle, be careful not to touch the blade with your bare fingers, compare different swords you look at as to how the temper lines look, the shape of the curve...sori...the condition of the steel can you see grain pattern?, the more you look at the more you'll learn...put off buying until after books and sites have been read. read the below link and if you have the need to buy on Ebay call the doc >Ill tell you to take to shots and get off the PC, then look at it again in the morning<. its a long fun, strange, confusing and most of all, $$$$$$$ trip your about to set sail on.....have fun. http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/care/handling.htm
  17. Stephen

    Nioi Kogori

    anche se le mie dentro leggi sono Graziano, senza pesci de Babele il mio italiano sarebbe limitato al grazie del bene. Moriyama sama Thank for the clarity
  18. it loads and plays for me, i may have it save to file and thats why it plays...maybe a can locate it and mail to you. Its one of the better ones.
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