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  1. The point made by Peter as to a willingness to trade and swop by Bill Tagg,is as far as I have found to date quite unique on the part of a dealer and does draw into collecting good people who would otherfwise be lost to collecting. This coupled with Bill's encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject is now very rare to find indeed. Henry
  2. Just to let those who are unaware know of the closing down of the Liverpool Militaria Shop in Cheapside Liverpool. Seemingly my good friend Bill Tagg has seen fit to call it a day, though he will maintain a website and on line dealership at http://www.liverpoolmilitaria.com. The smiling faced welcome will be sorely missed together with the banter over Nihonto matters and kindred topics.. Mark you he would maintain, after nearly forty years it is time for younger blood to get embroiled in the day to day macinations of shop life,but I still suspect he will miss the not knowing who was coming through the dshop door and what goodies they might bring. I have known Bill for many years and dealt nihonto for the same. May I take this opportunity of wishing you well Bill and have a peaceful retirement. Henry
  3. Gentlemen Can anyone please identify a sword polisher, resident somewhere in the Strathclyde division of Glasgow Scotlland. obliged Henry
  4. Indeed a most praiseworthy effort. Please put me down for a commemorative first edition. Thankyou, Henry
  5. Jon At the moment bright and sunny,but clouds loom in the forecast for later on. How do you fare this bright mornng; well I trust and in good health as I fervently hope for otherfs. Henry
  6. Gentlemen; Good gracious me,what on earth happened? I honestly did think the entry might be of use to some of the newly arrived collectors thirsty for knowledge. As in all human endeavour there are diamertically opposed views,I was just admiring a skill I do not myself posses. A good acceptable result for the individual payhing the bill is surely one of the best tests of the perenial argment "Amateur or Professional". Henry
  7. Gentlemen May I respectfully commend your attention to Mr Louis Skebo polishing a Katana on You Tube. I have owned an example of this mans work and he is good in my humble opinion. In his offering it is possible for the new people to our pastime to see the importance placed on various stages of the swords progressiion and observe why we of the collecting fraternity place so much emphasis on proprer care. Henry
  8. Gentlemen I was recently watching tgelevision and saw a single camera shot of a Japanes womans face. Only slightly eyes raised skywards and without sound,and a caption crept into my mind as to her thoughts; what with the worlds greatest forceful earthquake killing thousands, immediately followed by a Tsunami killing thousands,immediately followed by the threat of nuclear radiation capable of killing many,immediately followed by a snowstorm with freezing weather all superimposed on shortage of the very means of existence; and the caption "why me,who have I offended" Sincere thoughts to those in need. Henry
  9. Moriyama San My sincere thanks for your advises; I know what you mean but no doubt it once meant something to someone; Best wishes Henry
  10. Or better still a translation service on line?? Thankyou Henry
  11. Gentlemen, the front of the medal; I still strive to photo the back engraving; Henry
  12. Gentlemen This turned up in a box of War Medals and two Gunto's. Unfortunately it seems entirely unconnected; Its a bronze and bright silver pin on medallioin which I am trying to photograph with great difficulty. The box is polished plastic with blue velvet lining; the award is inscribed both front and back;but please what does it say on top of the box; Henry
  13. Gentlemen In the dying embers of this well fought argument,I am searching around for a paper by the late great Hawley; In it he clearly infers that the greater majority of the signatures of the better known Smiths are false. Does anyone recall this paper? If my memory is correct ,one must ask what pursuaded such an accredited expert to profer such a view? Henry
  14. Sir, If you want a rule of thumb to apply look at the saya. In the naval Kai Gunto it usually has two distinct seperate anchor points for attachement to the uniform belt,whereas the Shin Gunto Imperial Army version usually has only one. I cannot see any on the impression submitted in fact it looks to my somewhat jaundiced eye a little "moth eaten" to say the least. You would need much better photographs of it for any further definite opinions to be put forward. Indeed Gregory and Fuller would offer you some valuable guidance. Good luck in your searches. Henry.
  15. Gentlemen; During this thread, I for one have been impressed by the sword photographs and information contained in transcrpt; Wouldnt it be fine if members wonderful collections could be housed in a photo albums of each collector member seperately so all could see and enjoy these collections; i.e. The Sam Smith Collection or The John Brown collection,especially highliting such pertinent subjects as members would like to discuss;say like this about Handachi.In short a pictorial demo of any point under discussion. I suppose logistically impossible? Henry.
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