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  1. Hi John,found some of the old pic's,not great quality but will give an idea of some stuff not seen.
  2. Found these old pic's,pretty awfull but will give an idea.
  3. I published some I took way back on the NMB some time ago,will try to find em again John. Regards Roy
  4. In all they have around 600 pieces,you used to be able to make an appointment to view all. Along with Dr FATurk we made a complete catalogue of the collection back in the 80's,fascinating collection by three of the merchant families in the 19th century.
  5. Has finally displayed a small number of their Japanese Swords and fittings, if you are down here{Cornwall} this year drop by,£4 ticket will cover as many visits as you wish.
  6. The old boy has decided that it will be an investment when restored for his Grand children,so have advised on how to go about it carefully. Seems that the man who quoted the value was in fact not a dealer but someone who should have and did know better!,no names but ....... Roy
  7. Talking to a retired Police officer in a bar in Cuzco,as ya do brought up the subject and of course he had a shin gunto trophy sword at home in London. That turned out to be a duff one but a great story all the same,today I get an email from an old friend with some pic's of what seems to be a decent Wakizashi. Owned by some old chap in the midlands who has been quoted a value of £600 by some dealer, the question to me is was this a decent price which I cannot answere as have been out of the market for quite a while. Looking at the poor pictures I would have guessed perhaps twice that?....your help on this would be appreciated.
  8. Been a while,very much like the new format,splendid .
  9. Any thoughts on this?,my local post master suggest cannot be done via RM without some jeopardy. Has to be insured and reasonably easy.
  10. I miss old ebay,sold around 500 items from my collection to other collectors/dealers,on a friendly basis. Only once had a problem with some prints which is when I stopped. ebay froze my account,the chap in Spain now has my money and my prints,he 40 positive and four negative,me at that time four hundred positive and no negative. Now they are a sort of Amazon,but full of crooks,they are not interested in the old day intercollector sale but .................ah what the hell,just do not use them,the potential for problems make it {as my Scots friends say}Shite. Build a web site,sell and invite seller/buyers to it,did this around eight years ago and have had some great visits,drunk lunch periods as well as sold & bought. Give it a try,seldom the sales are instant but you get to meet some good folk...{See my feed back from a buyer on Izzi}
  11. Usually when something comes in from my web site it is either a con/buyer guide or on rare occasions genuine. You are probably right Brian,have asked for hands on,Hotmail address so could be from anywhere. Will let you know. Roy
  12. Thanks all,as usual all good com's. Regards Roy
  13. Have just been contacted by a chap with this rather interesting 'Netsuke',seems genuine but as this is the first I have seen I have no idea of value or even if it may be a Chinese fake. Any thoughts folks? Roy
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