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  1. must have been in Gen when i posted. Hai Domo!
  2. its still on ebay so if you dont want to talk about it its cool but any help with the first kanji would be of great help to my gray matter...dont think its aki or tomo...what do you think?
  3. looking in the books this moring for a Kanji that has me puzzled i came across this, what a day it was back in the good ol days of gun shop and farm auctions. I thougt youd all get a kick out of this. the gun shop sales receipt was in a book i bought years ago...dont know how the swords turnd out but them prices!!
  4. Koto do have more value but you have to have one that's not been polished down to nothing to see all the great nuances of Koto...if one has one good sword representing each era id consider him a rich man.
  5. I could of had this at a very fair price but noooo they had to drag it out...now ill have the money next week....such is life. Btw you did quit well good show!
  6. That's why I love the Japanese culture they express thier feelings so well in arts. Hai Domo!
  7. this started on Ebay from a non collector almost two years ago maybe less..anyway they had a check at the door for 8K and turned it back to check further on what everyone was telling him it may be a true Muramasa, I talked with him trying to convince him to send it to Bob Benson for a confirm..but he got cold feet and put it back on Ebay did quite well, it went to who I'm not sure but its popped up after he found out that it was not shoshin...its not to be trusted unless you live next door to him and you can put it in your hand for a grand then you'll have one heck of a conversation peace a heck of a good looking blade gimei or not.
  8. for about the fourth time...now you can buy it now for a quick grand....beware newbies http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-ANTIQUE-JAPANE ... dZViewItem
  9. do you need a cook on board...also a good shot if pirates are a issue...also dont mind long hours and hard work. I need a change in life lol :lol:
  10. Id go with someone like Bob Benson, Andy Qurit, or if you can contact Cary Condell. The big names will hold up if it comes down to a claim. Ins companies were talked about before in other threads...id check them out.
  11. let me know if its ever for sale.
  12. Stephen

    My Tsuba and Fuchi

    looks like gold plate...others will correct me ... the tsuba looks much better with out the flash...nice patina...rich color...the whole set up is a very nice first sword...some wait years before they make a find like that. Good show id say mate!
  13. Stephen

    My Tsuba and Fuchi

    really like the dragon tsuba ...when i seen the fuchi at first i thought it may have been a repo...but the carving is well done, does it have a gold wash on it?
  14. id go with Ei as the first kanji...maybe EISHO
  15. in the first pix the first kanj is the the start of the date ?
  16. well see if we can dig it out,,, dont beat your self up too much, alot more have done alot worse...ie chop trees and the list goes on, you do have a nice mino blade so dont be too down.
  17. Stephen

    Sea creatures

    thru Po's items for sell on ebay this AM and found your squid and other sea creatures on fuchi and kashira... heres the link http://cgi.ebay.com/8364-JP-SWORD-Fishe ... dZViewItem
  18. Stephen

    Touch Up Polish

    Tsuruta sama will work with you on the price and one should not hold back making a offer, most shrine swords go it the 6K range anyway the yen rate is what around 7200 on this not much of a push.
  19. Hi i dont live far from Hays KS ....care if i drop in and have a look at it in hand? Stephen well see what he has to say, unless it gets pulled/
  20. the Koshirae is from late 1800's to early 1900's sold to the influx of foreigners visiting Nippon at that time. Rather plane Handachi mounts with abalone shell in the saya and not that well done. Anyone else have a take on this?
  21. Stephen

    Strange sword

    Rich...maybe he was a imperial gardener?? :?
  22. Not so sure its a Chinese crapper, Roger. The Yokote gives me a feeling it may be Nihonto. It is a good candidate for your learning experiences with the stones with all the kizu and such, and that one side is shot your not going to hurt much. I think the acid dialog is from people seeing swords that had a acid wash to bring out the hada. being that your grinding away on it you might want to remove some rust close to the hamachi to see if you can find some file marks, the Chinese did not dress the nakago up.
  23. heard a horror story about getting in th USA for the show...did you hear of any others? :?
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