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Hi Stephen, good catch.
I also have a tsuba I've previously tagged as Jakushi (but unsigned), then I found an almost identical one papered as Hizen Kugimoto. Anybody knows relations between Hizen Kugimoto and Jakushi school?



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Help on FB by

James Lancel McElhinney 

Nice later Jakushi guard. My thoery os that many of those Nanga subjects allude to the arrival from China of Ingen Ryuki, the mentor of Jakushi's  painting teacher Shoyu Itsunen, and the founder of Obaku Zen Buddhism. Some of Kawamura Jakushi's paintings bear calligraphy by Ingen Ryuki. 


Jakushi I was a samurai painter. It seems that Jakushi II was a contemporary of his, a metalworker and thus of lower social status. Shiraki Kizaemon (J2) executed J1's designs. Similar to Yagyu & Kariganeya.  J4 (son of J2) stayed into the more commercial realm of macho-bori taste, but the later generations went back to J1 designs. 


Stephen Christensen Those are from the era of J4; Shiraki Chouemon. The Jakushi atelier seems to have had close ties to the Kiyou-Toujin-Yashiki (Nagasaki Chinatown). J4 stared making Kinai style dragons, with spalshy gold overlay. He also explored more openwork in his designs, which abandined the links with painting. J1 designs are almost all based on paintings. J6-8 went back to the old design-book,  but also reproduced painting images, including windswept bamboo, based on Zenga by Kumashiro Yuhi, and traditional J1 Nanga sansui landscapes. Tsuba collectors who only look at tsuba are missing half the story.  Many guards are based on paintings, prints and textiles. "Nanako" for example is a specific weave of silk that looks like fish roe. One must study all the arts to understand how tsuba fit into the story.

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Yeah....looks great condition!
Did they seriously ship with the tsuba on the post as always?
Maybe we need to ask Markus and pay him to do a write-up in Japanese of how not to pack tsuba, that we can send with every purchase to sellers.

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Would if i could Barry. Cant contact yahoo seller and as i said buyee wont either...like other i think Buyee is Chinese owned... I guess i couldn't ask buyee to open box thats just more fees. 

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