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Tatsutoshi & students


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Hi All,


owning only one signed tsuba, I am a bit fixated on its maker. Over the past few months, I stumbled on a few Tatsutoshi tsuba on the internet; those that were on sale were beyond my budget, or, in one case, had rust issues, but I did at least save the pictures. I thought it might be interesting to start one thread aimed at collecting all of them, as well as those of his students, to highlight the common features of this school. As I read in this post, Tatsutoshi's students were his son Tatsunao, plus Tokitoshi and Namitoshi, and indeed there are already several examples of Tatsunao tsuba in the forum, see e.g. this thread. Maybe some NMB members have additional pictures of tsuba by these four makers that they would like to share here?


These are elegant examples that I found on the internet, either too expensive for me or not for sale:




This was cheaper but rusty (with NTK papers):




This is the one I own (see this thread):




And this one on the same "Noshi" theme is by Tatsunao:




I hope this thread not too boring. If it is, just ignore it and accept my apologies!


Cheers, Pietro

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Going down this rabbit hole, here's a few from Tatsutoshi's student Namitoshi. The first two from Aoi Art (here) and (here) :





Note how the second one resembles the one by Tatsutoshi I own, pictured in my first post above. The ribbons seem a bit bulkier, though.

The third one from a Catawiki sale (here) :





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8 minutes ago, ROKUJURO said:

i can't compete against your beautiful signed TSUBA :), but I have a modest MUMEI one, probably AKAO school as well.


Nice and original design! To state the obvious, the tsuba in this thread (except one) are not mine.



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On 11/2/2020 at 2:41 AM, Surfson said:

I like these tsuba.  Is he in the Bushu Ito school?  


Back then I had answered that Tatsutoshi belonged to the Akao school, and indeed in the useful genealogy posted by Mauro (from Markus Sesko's book) he is six generations down from the Akao founder.


However, he does appear to be also listed as "founder of the Ito school" .

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