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Attention Mantetsu Owners: A Survey

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28 minutes ago, BANGBANGSAN said:

early Mantetsu's Pierced Tsuba

Wow, Trystan, my '39 Mantetsu has that same exact tsuba!  Had to have been the same koshirae shop!


My thought was the same as John's on the thickness, but was hoping he'd comment.  He's far more knowledgeable on koshirae.  


Here's mine.  



Next to my '41 Mantetsu


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On 11/18/2020 at 3:18 AM, IJASWORDS said:

This one of mine, ticked a few boxes. Wavy Hamon, fairly clean Nakago, Green painted Saya, early mounts, Spring 1939. Bruce has the Mune numbers.




It looks very nicely finished, great specimen you have here!


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Thank you for the link.  Two of them were new additions.


The blade tip seems thickened on ム 五五五.  Is this correct?  It is an early army contract blade with two M inspection stamps. It looks to have a 東 stamp on the kabutogane.  If so, this is the earliest Mantetsu with this marking feature.



Edit:  It seems this is a common feature on Mantetsu blades.

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Sooner or later is was bound to happen!  A 37th series army contract Mantetsu with serial number 1.  It was found in The Oshigata Book by F&G.

Nakago Mune: サ 一.

Nakago Obverse: 昭和癸未春 with possible M inspection mark.

Nakago Reverse: 満鐵鍛造之 with 南 inspection mark.

Mekugi-ana: 1.


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I asked for Translation and yes, he said 1938.  I'm not sure , due to being a novice, but I will provide any pics I can. I am pretty sure it isn't top notch, but in fair condition.  Give me till tomorrow for most of pics as the light is better in daylight.  I will try and post some tonight.

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Your sword in an early Mantetsu, serial number H14, that was made in the second year of production.  Production is thought to have started in late 1937.  It is fitted out as an army Type 98 Guntō.  It looks to have the thick crossguard (tsuba) that BangBangSan has pointed out recently.  Your handle is missing a few items but I will let Bruce handle this aspect of the sword.  Thank you for sharing information about your sword and here is a link to taking care of it.


Links to additional photographs of Mantetsu H14.

Read forums, need more, on Manchurian....

I have no idea and need help please in Translation


Nakago Mune


Nakago Reverse

SMR logo

Nakago (tang) Obverse

昭和戊寅秋 = 1938 Autumn


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Yes, Thank you also, Thomas! You guys have been really great and so informative.  Actually Bruce, I think it needs a little more TLC than just the handle.  The blade needs some TLC also.  Is there someone in New Jersey  that can give this sword the attention it needs?

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