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Attention Mantetsu Owners: A Survey

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Here is 7 more for you.

4 昭和辛巳春 1941 Spring,2 昭和癸未春 1943 Spring,1 昭和甲申春 1944 Spring.These photos are all I have.

1.ネ 三四七 1941

2.ヨ 二三四(Only has one photo) 1941

3.タ 三0五 1941

4.ツ 一九八 1941

5.ユ 一一五 1943

6.ヱ 六五 1943

7.(イ)五二六 1944














1943 ユ 一一五 b.jpeg

1943 ユ 一一五 a.jpeg

1943 ヱ 六五 a.jpeg

1943 ヱ 六五 b.jpeg

1943 ヱ 六五 c.jpeg

1944 (イ)五二六.jpeg

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2 hours ago, Stephen said:

So all the ones i posted were yesterday news?

 I know Bill's was.

I’m glad you asked me, Stephen, because I see that I missed the one for sale on eBay!  I don’t have that one! I sent an email to the seller asking for a picture of the character under the habaki.  It looks like a HI  ヒ

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12 minutes ago, Stephen said:

I wish posted on Facebook


reported gun store find for $1100

These Mantetstu-to with fresh nakago free of any sign of use, are really nice. Yasurime are much more visible so as the inscriptions. I wish mine would be like that.

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32 minutes ago, Stephen said:

Thank you Trystan.

Bruno id love to own one before its over.

Can't agree more Stephen.


Also, there are also those special orders Mantestu-to with extra inscriptions or Konan Issei Mantetsu-to. They are holy grails too! 

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