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  1. Thanks Brian. It is a really nice blade, historically significant, by one of the most important gendai smiths, papered, with nice aikuchi koshirae. What’s not to like? Is it cheap? No. Nothing by this Smith is cheap. By price vs. value is more than there. List price on Seiyudo was 700,000. While, full disclosure, I didn’t pay full fare, I certainly didn’t get a $1,500 discount. Also compare to a recent tanto sold on Aoi for over $8k. Granted it had horimono and a th rated aikuchi koshirae that drove the cost, but also illustrares that I’m not asking a bonkers price here (for those of you that don’t follow the market as closely as I do - which, why would you ).
  2. $5,500, plus pp, plus shipping. Deal ends Sunday. If it doesn’t go by that time, I’ll put it back in the safe. Don’t miss this chance for a keisho mei blade.
  3. Here is your guy. From Markus’ index: Kanehisa (兼久), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – „Kanehisa“ (兼久), civilian name „Ōsawa Kan´ichi“ (大沢勘一), born am January 2nd 1915, student of Kojima Kanemichi (小島兼道), he worked as guntō smith and died on July 7th 1945
  4. +1 for Shinto- given the lack of sori, I’d say Kanbun Shinto.
  5. From Sesko's index: Ujifusa (氏房), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – „Ujifusa“ (氏房), civilian name „Shinoda Hiroshi“ (篠田寛), born May 20th 1912, student of Watanabe Kanenaga (渡辺兼永) and Katō Jumyō (加藤寿命), he worked as guntō smith
  6. Likely Shinoda Ujifusa (篠田氏房).
  7. Most WW2 blades are signed Tachi mei, as indicated, when mounted for military service, they were worn as Tachi. This doesn’t mean that there are no katana mei blades from WW2. There was the Iai and marshal arts markets, as well as special order blades. But those knowingly being created for the military will be signed Tachi mei.
  8. I don’t see Kanetoshi or Kanehide. I could be wrong, but what immediately comes to mind is Kaneyuki (兼幸) saku kore.
  9. From sesko’s Index: Kaneyoshi (包義), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – „Kaneyoshi“ (包義), civilian name „Kotani Yoshizō“ (小谷義三), he worked as guntō smith and died April 14th 1950, posthumous Buddhist name „Hyakuren´in Hōgi“ (百錬院包義)
  10. Looks more like Kanesumi to me 兼住.
  11. Lol - agree to disagree then. I’m not going to risk wasting a polish for a $300 shirasaya or a $300 habaki, but I understand that others will.
  12. I agree on the haste to polish and to upgrade habaki and shirasaya (I am guilty of the latter - happily so ). But that being said, given the condition of the sword, IF one were to spend the money for polish, they should also invest in at least a plain habaki and shirasaya. I would be highly concerned that even if cleaned, residual rust would ruin the polish that one invested in. I would hate to see a polish wasted - keeping in mind that swords have a finite number of polishes in their lives - because a person didn’t want to spend an additional $600 for shirasaya and habaki - albeit plain ones.
  13. Ono Sensei is my favorite of all the modern Yoshihara group. Just phenomenal work and agree with the above 600k is SUPER fair / cheap.
  14. Hey Brad, Nice pick up. That could be a ware, but could just be some gunk. I would use alcohol as close to 100% as possible and try to clean it off. Then look at it again.
  15. Off topic, but have you ever noticed that half the swords on yahoo are by muramasa?
  16. I used to, then I accidentally cut one off while working on a project
  17. I’m glad someone mentioned that Korekazu blade. The best, hands down, ishido blade that I have ever seen! While outside of my sandbox, I do look at Korekazu’s work every time they pop up, just because I like his work and this one is my favorite to date. (Thank god I love Gendaito!)
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