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  1. Thanks, I was only able to find this Mitsunobu smith on the Showato listings on Jinsoo Kim's id's. was he added to the RJT program later on? it seems like a well made sword, for a previous novice showato guy.
  2. Hey guys, Picked up this gendai recently. Any thoughts on it and some translation?
  3. I am lacking a type 95 in my collection. I would prefer a common pattern with an issued sharpened blade and preferably no damage. Mismatched numbers is fine. Thanks!
  4. Okay, thank you for your opinion guys!
  5. Here is the full write up they did. Has aoi art sold swords with hagire before without mentioning it?
  6. As long as it is nothing fatal I am happy. Here is the original aoi art picture from the first owner.
  7. Wierd looking mark, it seems to be on one side only and I show a picture with light shining in it. I would like an unbiased opinion though if it's just a ware or not.
  8. Depends on what is up for grabs but I am looking at around 1800 usd for a mumei.
  9. Hiya guys, currently shopping around preferably for a mumei or lower end signature shinto or shin shinto blade in gunto/showa mounts. wanting a blade without major Kizu or any edge damage. Thanks!
  10. Its wakizashi sized of not a typo which is fine, I'm more worried about fake signatures or his "komonjo" specials that are from china
  11. Hey guys, interesting sword for me having a shinshinto blade in really nice gunto fittings. But considering it's from komonjo I want to be safe that its not gimei or worse, let me know what you guys think. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163197852060 Thanks
  12. Sorry for the poor angle, I am getting a "masu" *** "saku" from my limited knowledge.
  13. I tend to use Tuff Glide standard myself since I have it around. any concerns with that stuff on Nihonto?
  14. I see your point, it' a nice temper on it anyhow. Also I believe there is a connection with the diamond mark. Both mano masayasu and this (I assume mano) kuniyasu Smith uses these on their personal made swords instead of a student (thanks translation forum). Both seem to have made the 1941 exhibition which is nice. Does anyone know how the seat system works for ranking?
  15. good point, luckily that seems to be the only thing on the ha, I am just trying to find out if tate ware like this effect the structure of the blade and make it weaker, some sources say merely cosmetic, while some say it is disastrous on the ha (could I be mistaking it for another flaw that they are discussing?).
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