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  1. Seems within reasonable market price to me., but that's just based on my perusing what's been in inventory over the past year or so. Nice looking poker.
  2. It's not saying much, since I acquired my first two blades this year, but I still have them. Again, not that it counts for much as I'm at the beginning of my journey, but I don't see myself letting them go in the future.
  3. Thanks for the response Steven, and please understand I wasn't trying to malign the blade, just curious on your take. Original question stands, is the sugata uno kubi zukuri? Looks that way from the bottom of the blade, but can't really tell towards the top.
  4. Nice looking blade. Is it U no Kubi Zukuri? Also, any thoughts on the authenticity of the mei? I would have to do more research to have any opinion, so just curious as it is not papered. Good luck!
  5. Beautiful blade at a great price. Good luck.
  6. I would say that so long as the cost to you is bearable and you are willing, there is never a reason NOT to have shirasaya made for a blade. Whether or not it makes financial sense is really the only question.
  7. I want to say it has been discussed on the board… yup:
  8. I've found Boshi to be very difficult to capture on a phone. You did a good job. Beautiful. Would I be correct in labeling this Kaen?
  9. Okan, what you are likely seeing on the mune at the kissaki is burnishing. It is like the burnishing one sees near the nakago and can be considered somewhat of a signature of the polisher. As to sharpened edges, the ha is meant to be sharp the length of the blade. If it is not I would make an assumption that the blade is simply out of polish to some degree as polishing and "sharpening" are to some degree indistinguishable on nihonto (an over generalization for sure, but since believe still accurate). I will I'll try to track down some images...
  10. Hmmm...I must be. I don't see any of the "Swordsmiths of Japan" listed as anything but hard covers in LuLu. Books on Demand link isn't working and they don't come up in Amazon. Or does he only do this at certain times? Appreciate any direction if I'm missing something here.
  11. Thanks Ken. I plan on picking up quite a few as I progress. Will be waiting for that sale as it will hit perfectly with when my Nihonto budget replenishes, lol. Regarding the Swordsmiths of Japan X-X as those are apparently only available in hardcover...do these go on sale as well?
  12. Christopher, You've significantly jumped the cost factor on this one. The range we were playing with in on this discussion was in that 700K area...with this you've tacked on another 1M on top of that. WONDERFUL blade, for sure, but speaking as someone who plays in this arena (price-wise), that's not really something in consideration. So it begs the question, do you believe similar blades (meeting the criteria you've laid out) are available in that lower tier of pricing? I don't know about the OP, but while 1.7M Yen might be within reach somewhere down the line, it's not something I'm considering if I'm looking in the 700K Yen area.
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