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  1. It's an easy check for sharpness, Guido, I'm sure you could manage. Not that I use it for checking swords but for general knife work it is handy. Hold the blade so you're looking directly at the edge; any dull spots will reflect light and these are easy to see whereas a sharp edge will reflect nothing. A torch shone directly at the edge can help. Handy if you're sharpening a knife and need to see if you've missed any bits on the coarse stone.
  2. It may be something to do with the recent new laws(?) regarding non antique swords. This thread, especially Darcy's posts, might shed some light. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/1860-importingexporting-and-customs-queries-and-advice/?hl=%2Bgendai+%2Bpaperwork&do=findComment&comment=14557 Just sounds like you need to do some preliminary paperwork. I'd second Barry's recommendation to contact Paul Martin.
  3. Lee Bray

    Bohi On Mune?

    Probably just a whim of the maker. It's a common enough feature on modern knives but certainly a rarity in this field...something I've definitely not seen before.
  4. Fits most of the criteria. http://www.aoijapan.com/katana-sakuyo-bakkashi-hosokawa-masamori-tsukuru-kore
  5. I'd stop looking if I were you. Looks to be a Chinese fake.
  6. Taking offers on this tsuba and the ones linked below: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/15791-pair-of-shakudo-tsuba/ http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/15790-large-tembo-tsuba/ http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/15789-satsuma-katchushi-tsuba/
  7. Hong Kong shipping is generally very, very efficient. Big hubs, small country and no import taxes on antiques. Do you still have the contact details of your receiver, Brandon? Perhaps you could pass along my details to them on the basis of a meeting?
  8. Have you tried Roger Robertshaw at Hizento.net? Nakago jiri looks good, as does the yasurimei and the overall look of the nakago. The mei itself perhaps looks weak at first glance without referencing his papered works but that's just an impression rather than a firm opinion. The tight hada and active suguha would also support Tadahiro's work. Give Roger a shout and get his opinion then think about shinsa based on that.
  9. As far as I know, it is illegal and 'cannot' be done. I use the quotes because in China it seems not to hard to buy your way around the law. I've heard that it is possible but it is against the written laws, which I seem to recall posting somewhere in here before. It is legal to ship to Hong Kong, then tell your buyer he has to make his own cross border arrangements. At present, there is a big local outcry regarding blatant goods smuggling through the Sheung Shui border crossing so it would be very easy to do but probably not the wisest course of action.
  10. Offered for sale is this iron Tate Kaku Gata tsuba with uchikaeshi mimi. Size is 81mm tall x 80mm wide. The plate is 4mm thick with the deepest part of the mimi at 10mm. Nakago ana is 30mm. The mimi has gold(I think, as it hasn't tarnished like brass over time) inlay. The inlays are not complete but I believe that to be part of the design as some of the channels are not deeply cut. The overall design is said to be of Mount Fuji. This tsuba came badly scratched up many years back and was professionally repatinated. Price is US$300, plus payment fees and shipping. Hi res pics are here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860067 ... uGataTsuba
  11. Offered for sale are two tsuba in shakudo. Offering them as a pair because with a little work, they could make a reasonable daisho. I would not normally recommend 'a little work' to tsuba but these could use the help of Ford Hallam or one of his chaps. The larger one is 76mm tall x 74mm wide, with a nakago ana of 27mm and a thickness of 4mm. The patina looks to have been cleaned at some point and is rather weak at present. The smaller one is 68mm tall x 66mm wide, with a nakago ana of 25.5mm and a thickness of 4mm. The patina on this one looks a little better but, unfortunately, the ura looks to have been given an amateur texture. It looks as though it was done to 'hide' some slight surface damage. This tsuba has silver linings on both hitsuana and lead sekigane. Both tsuba are very similar, with two hitsuana, same shape mimi and matching grades of shakudo(based on patina colour). If the ura of the smaller tsuba was refinished, the larger tsuba had silver linings fitted to the hitsuana and both had a new patina, they would make a very nice daisho. Price is US$150 each, or, since it's Christmas, US$300 for the pair. Plus payment fees and shipping. Hi res pics here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860067 ... akudoTsuba Larger tsuba. Smaller tsuba.
  12. Offered for sale is this large, Tembo school tsuba in iron. Hot stamped with a dragonfly design and a sukashi of what I believe to be Geta, which are a form of traditional wooden sandal. Size is 94mm tall by 86mm wide with a nakago ana of 33m(large size because of the notches for the sekigane). Slightly raised mimi, which measures 5mm thick. Probably mid to late Edo. Patina is a little thin in places but otherwise solid. Price is US$150, plus payment fees and shipping. Hi res pics here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860067 ... mber112014
  13. Offered for sale is this solid Satsuma school katchushi tsuba. Iron, 82mm tall x 80.5mm wide, a gnat's whisker over 5mm thick on the fukurin with a nakago ana of 30mm. Late Muromachi, in my opinion. Plate shows traces of old lacquer and some evidence of folding. Slightly elongated hitsuana. One side appears to have seen some damage at some point in time and has some pitting but the patina has recovered well and is in good condition now. Price is US$450, plus payment fees and shipping. High res pics here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860067 ... hushiTsuba
  14. Just throwing this out there: there are direct flights between Hong Kong and Japan and direct flights from HK to most other destinations. Theoretically, that would make EMS a feasible shipping option provided there was a middle man in HK. I wouldn't object to forwarding parcels if anyone wanted to go that route, bearing in mind that the shipping would be approximately twice as much and I wouldn't mind a couple of quid for my time and effort. Not putting this out as a 'business' idea, just maybe to give someone peace of mind.
  15. Just for an update, this has proven to be not possible. Roman tells me he has no experience in shipping blades and Pavel declined to answer either myself or the Czech owner. So, unfortunately, the sword will stay in the Czech republic on butchering duty.
  16. I have a very similar shaped kojiri in iron that is certainly genuine. https://plus.google.com/photos/10838600 ... sGU8vnx4gE I considered it(and the other matching fittings) to be early to mid Edo period but no particular school.
  17. My friend came through with the pictures so adding them here for reference. As I remembered, the menuki are exactly the same as Mike's. You can't see how thin the ana is in the tsuka and fuchi but the ana of the seppa shows it well enough. As can be seen, the 'blade' is not functional and merely holds the koshirae together.
  18. Their wealth may be new but their postal system isn't. You cannot ship a sword into China as it is a restricted weapon to them. Hong Kong is the only part of China that you can legally ship to. Ship a sword to mainland China and you'll lose it.
  19. I think no more needs to be said. Interesting to see these two tsuka as my friend's is the only one I've seen like it. Although not great quality, they are still well made, as the little reinforcing strip soldered inside the fuchi seam on Mike's shows. It is the same with my example. I get the impression Mick's is in the same league but has utilised a 'proper' fuchi and kashira. Certainly doesn't look like a real blade could be mounted in that tsuka. I get the impression they are movie props which would hold up to reasonably close camera shots for period correct costumes. Or possible re-enactment activities...anything where a proper blade or koshirae wouldn't be allowed or wouldn't make sense to use in case of damage.
  20. The fuchi ana on yours looks regular but the hole in the tsuka itself is similar to what I was talking about. Both the tsuka and fuchi have thin holes on my friends replica. Is it from an actual mount? If not, try inserting something that will measure the length of the hole and see if suitable for mounting. The depth of the recess in my friends tanto would not allow a genuine blade to be mounted. If I get over to my friends soon, or can coerce him into taking pics, I'll post them to this thread. I could just be talking nonsense if Mike's ana is regular size...
  21. Hi Mike. Is the ana in the fuchi/tsuka unusually thin? I ask because I have seen a 'tanto' koshirae that was a replica and utilised pressed/stamped fittings. It housed a tsunagi of thin metal in the very rough shape of a tanto but with no heat treatment or really any effort to be a real blade. A collector friend of mine uses it as an armour embellishment - tucked into the sash on a suit of armour it looks the part. It's been a while since I've taken any note of it but I swear the menuki are a match for yours. I don't think it is intended to deceive but is meant as a prop or ornament. From your pic, the ana looks thin and that is what prompted my memory and this post.
  22. Thanks, Brian, and co.. I forgot Roman is in the Czech Republic, thought he was in Poland. I'll send him a message today as I'm on speaking terms with him; don't know Pavel Bolf although I've seen his work. Fingers crossed.
  23. After hearing back from both Fedex and UPS Czech branches, it looks like it's impossible. Great. Nice shakudo tsuba from the Yoshioka school with superb nanako and gold kirimon on the mimi. Reasonable looking, long wakizashi with bo-hi one side and futasuji-hi on the other...and is currently used for butchery on a farm... Oh well...
  24. Anyone have experience or knowledge on shipping swords out of the Czech Republic? I've potentially bought one there but the owner is now saying that swords are classed as weapons and cannot be exported, though he has found one method which will cost $500, possibly more. Thanks for any help.
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