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  1. I've sent one tsuka and a local friend sent a pair of daisho tsuka to David and they all came back fine for fit. I'd rather have a little trouble with tsuka fit than lose or damage a sword through international shipping.
  2. Debate, discussion, and the sharing of opinions- that is what a forum is for, isn't it? I'm not looking for favours, frankly, I am more interested in truth. I have stated my opinion, Darcy has stated his. I don't see the problem but I thank you for your concern. Debating the mindset of the forger from possibly centuries ago is a great pastime but not for me.
  3. Chris. You're a well respected member and this hound dogging of another well respected member will do you no favours. I say this with respect for you and in the knowledge that I just shot myself in the foot...
  4. Kind of like playing 'Connect Four' with a bar girl in Pattaya and drinking overpriced Heineken. Apparently.
  5. Lee Bray

    interesting mei

    Magic, of course.
  6. Lee Bray

    interesting mei

    It is very slightly raised inlay, in imitation of thick ink? Gorgeously done.
  7. Daikon are also used almost exclusively for cleaning soft metals prior to patination. Perhaps this theme is the artists way of saying thank you to the humble radish for doing such a sterling job in the workshop.
  8. I'm in the middle of ordering a one piece 58" recurve bow which will be shipped from Indiana. They say that 'oversize' shipping has to be used but I do not know which company. If I find out more, I'll let you know.
  9. Thank you, Brian, for stating that you did not ban him. No more said from me.
  10. Wishful thinking? His input is missed...
  11. It is almost certainly an example... I taught myself from an early age to say maybe as opposed to yes or no...
  12. It's possibly an example of Satsuma suriage. If the kissaki is lost, the mune is ground down until it reaches the hamon at the broken end of the blade. This, essentially, gives a new, fully hardened tip. Hardly ever seen, but probably worth doing for a Kamakura Ichimonji sword. Scroll down to the bottom of this link for a diagram. http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/suriage.html
  13. Looks like Higo work to me. Possibly Jingo school, later work, circa 18th century.
  14. You've been here for over a year with 97 posts so I think Mariusz was correct to pull you up on the name thing. That's what makes this place a little easier to loosen up and have a good time...knowing that we're all known amongst each other as many of us know each other off the board. As for the sword, Hoanh has the facts.
  15. I think you're right, Adam. There are a couple of blemishes to the left of the Kuni kanji which are the same and the rust to the upper left of the nakago ana appears the same.
  16. I won't say gimei or not but a trait of Tadakuni was to shape his nakago with a very slight kink on the ha side. I've circled the area I mean in the last pic you posted. This kink is present on the nakago of your sword.
  17. Didn't think I was debating anything since I'd already stated that I thought there were no items but have it your way.
  18. I missed the shipping blurb, Stephen. If they are shipping from Hong Kong, I wonder if the items are here(if there are any items)? It's unlikely they'd ship them from Tibet to HK then onto wherever it maybe, though that would explain the $120 shipping fees. As for their statement, "because customs Does not allow express mail shipped sharp weapon , so I can only provide the hong kong Post SAL (surface Air Lifted) shipped service, is about 30 days to arrive." - that's nonsense. I've shipped plenty of sharp weapons internationally using regular airmail and there are no problems. I shipped a naginata to Canada recently and it took eight days. Perhaps they are in Tibet where international shipping is restricted, therefore using HK as a hub. It seems we are a magnet for that as large shipments of new ivory have been found coming through our ports and into mainland China. It could be possible to contact the relevant gov authorities over here...ha ha ha...just kidding... Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if our Chief Executive got 5% for every fake sold...
  19. I think you're more likely to get nothing except a lighter wallet.
  20. The pics with the black background are from Ohmura's site. The pics with the white background are just fakes. Where they are is anyone's bet. Best not to subsidise these criminals, I think.
  21. How about sending 100 samurai at the front wall with ladders while slipping 10 men round the back with grapples? Beeston castle, near my familys home, is situated on a large hill, one side of which is vertical rock face. The area above the rockface was not as well defended as the rest of the castle. In the English civil war, eight men scaled that rockface in the middle of the night and took the entire castle. Would you have given that order or led the assault? War is war, not logic. Kam seems to have the way of it. A multi use tool. Maybe some were made for a specific task, hard to say. That Ron's piece is well made and 'customised' with a mon may just be down to individual taste - some of us use custom made knives while others are happy with production pieces. Good topic, Ron. Cheers.
  22. I see what you mean, now. I'm not sure cloth wraps would cover much noise from a pound of steel hitting your roof or wall, especially as those points scrape across the surface before finding purchase. I don't see why it couldn't be multi purpose. "Hey, Mr.Wall climbing/ship snaring Samurai - your house is on fire!"
  23. I don't understand your point. We were discussing the chain, not the height of the walls or the speculated life or death of the climber...
  24. I'm a rigger and have used grapples and climbed more rope than is good for you...or me, anyway, which is why my back is broken nowadays. The short chain is no problem to throw whatsoever. It is fairly necessary to make a safe grapple. You have almost zero control where the grapple places itself, so it is very unlikely to land on the outside lip of the wall which is the only safe place a chainless grapple could hold. Rope running over the edge of a wall is worn away very quickly under the erratic force of a climber: it's not a smooth force, it's jerking up and down and from side to side. Without a chain, hemp rope would part very quickly. No offence to your 'expert', I like him, but if he wants to comment anonymously, he should change the background to his photos...
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