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    "Munemitsu" mei

    I am very interested in seeing some oshigata of 1st,2nd,3rd,4th, and 6th gen Munemitsu, if anybody has any, that would be an excellent addition to this thread. Nobody ever talks about any other gen aside from the 5th. However, I am most interested in the 1st gen, which there are very few known examples as far as I have found. All I know is there is 1 Juyo example of 1st gen.
  2. They weren't drawn from the back though.. As far as I know they had an assistant hold the saya while being drawn.
  3. J Reid

    "Munemitsu" mei

    I think what stefan is trying to say is that the mei is too crisp in comparison to the yasurimei.. If yasurimei is not crisp, how could the signature still be so sharp? The wear obviously would be somewhat similar.. not completely different. Imo, in the first picture the blade looks repatinated. I agree with stefan (that the mei looks too crisp)..
  4. As far as I understand, uchigatana is the type of koshirae (thrust through the obi, worn edge up) and katate-uchi is the type of blade ( one handed fighting sword). If its not for one handed use, its just an uchigatana. Katate-uchi are made with specific dimensions, and O-suriage blades mounted to be used as one handed fighting swords would be a "grey area", imo. I think this blade is just a large and early example of a blade meant to be mounted edge up and so signed as such.
  5. Well that changes everything!! Hahaha..... hmm.. odachi with an exception to the rule mei? Or maybe a wealthy high ranking officials sword who liked using over exaggerated swords.. again in markus's book he shoss an example of 2 aikuchi-uchigatana koshirae worn by uesugi kenshin (1530-1578). Kenshin liked wearing "such overlong" swords paired with a tachi because he wanted to still be able to fall back onto a long sword in the case of an emergency.. one of the koshirae in the picture look to have a 10-12 inch tsuka and a 28-32 saya. So i guess its possible.
  6. Just to add to the pile here.. In Markus's book "koshirae: Japanese sword mountings" pg. 111-117 he generally discusses the evolution of swords during the muromachi period. He says that "uchigatana first experienced a reduction in length to the single-handed katate-uchi, and then later again an increase in length" (Uchigatana were first designed for low ranking soldiers).. "During the middle of muromachi period i.e. around the mid 15th century, the trend also started for high-ranking warriors to wear longer uchigatana, instead of the koshigatana as the sashizoe on the battlefield" (Goodbye tachi).. So basically.. High ranking warriors "generally" went from tachi directly to long uchigatana. Short katateuchi were for low ranking warriors while tachi were still the fad and then eventually all uchigatana were longer as the norm for all ranks near the end of the muromachi period. Hence the transition from tachi to katana. So Ken, that's probably why you have a long sword signed katana mei from the mid muromachi. They were in fad at this point for high ranking officials.
  7. Why is it so unusual to see a long sword signed katana mei during a time where swords were worn edge up? Not to mention the term "exceptions to every rule".. Just because one handed uchigatana were the fad for battle during this time doesn't mean that samurai didn't enjoy a good ol' long sword in their off time.
  8. As Chris has pointed out.. "Generally" swords are custom made for the man swinging it and everyone is different.. I am 6'0 and I personally find it easier to control a sword with a longer nagasa (28'-31')and deep sori (1.5'-2.0') as oppose to a sword of about 26.5' with minimal sori (0.9'-1.1'). Now, drawing a sword edge up is easier with a straighter blade.. But drawing on angles with edge to the side or edge down in bukezukuri mountings is easier with sori and a longer nagasa. You also get better range of motion and more control when using your hips with an explosive technique. This would be my "everyday sword" On a side note though.. If I was a samurai going to battle during feudal times, and I knew I would be in a crowd of slashing and stabbing crazies, I would want to be armed with a naginata or yari, 2 uchigatana (of about 24.0' nagasa, 1.3' sori )and a tanto of about 20 cm. I would wield 2 light short swords. Not some big clunker. haha It is no surprise to me to see a wide range of variances with weapons in general. Everyone has their fancy. EDIT: Bottom line.. I wouldn't want my "everyday sword" to be a short uchigatana nor want to go to battle with my "everyday sword"..
  9. Yeah the bottom hole looks like to be the original, the middle looks drilled (ww2?) and top looks like 2nd after suriage.
  10. Imo- that kissaki is toast.. Maybe if the boshi is wide it could be saved.. but I'm guessing that isn't the case.
  11. J Reid

    Helmet in Box

    One question.. can you fit it on your head? LOL.. Looks like an antique (1900's) boys day piece repro.
  12. I'm sure he learned his lesson during the moment when you told him that you would give him $50 instead of $5000 for it, because of what he did, and now second guesses bringing out the belt sander. Keep up the good work chap.
  13. Bah... Envious.. Why must I live in Canada, where finding nihonto for $80 in pawn shops is unheard of?
  14. looks like a spin on jabara-maki.
  15. Not important input.. but.. the description is written like ebay seller "showa22" usually does his write ups..
  16. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MH156-5A-POLISH ... 7675.l2557 This is another sword made by him.. Notice the finish and mei on the nakago are similar to yours. His swords look closest to the real thing as far "Chinese fakes" go, in my opinion. If he could just figure out how to finish the nakago and chisel a mei properly some of his blades might make decent display pieces. I saw that he had made a nagamaki and a couple other blade types. I think he genuinely tries. lol.. EDIT: here are some more.. Given it a good ol' college try! http://www.ebay.com/itm/MR-L-W-M-4A-POL ... 1116820237 http://www.ebay.com/itm/MH151-4A-POLISH ... 1115369237
  17. Looks like a "simon sword".. you can find his stuff on ebay. He's an amatuer smith from china. Makes okay swords in the "Japanese style" and then mounts them in commercial koshirae. They sell for $500-$1000
  18. I still stand by what I originally said about location of sori having to do with the swordsmans reach, body type, and martial technique. I know that location of sori matters to me when I draw a blade.
  19. I like lances' response.
  20. When having a sword custom made sori, just like blade length, and weight is usually determined by the swordsmans body type, reach, and martial technique. Of course we know that the largest change in history was deep sori to shallow sori and this was mostly due to the transition from tachi to buke zukuri mountings. So in response to your question.. my theory would be that the type and position of sori was more of a personal thing as oppose to fashion. Of course there is also the smiths/schools preference (which would lean on fashion). Just thinking out loud here.
  21. I agree with you Chris in regards to the hada. I provided an example where the hada is not as "triangular" and looks to be more masame. I am concerned overall with the chiseling "quality" of the mei though. If this sword was brought to an American NTHK-NPO panel, the cost would be manageable, and it would be worth an educated look before any removal on signature was considered. EDIT: I second that, Lee Bray..
  22. http://www.nihonto.ca/gassan-sadayoshi/
  23. Oh okay.. Well it looks like a nice piece. The head things creep me out though haha. But yeah.. Nice helmet.
  24. What everyone is saying is that this sword does not display ayasugi hada (which is a gassan school trademark) and therefore the mei is now suspect. The sword does not look over polished. Is it a nice sword? ..well yeah sure. Is the signature legit? Probably not. Did you score big time? Not so much. For 4k- many good swords can be had. Don't waste money on shinsa until you do more research on the blade itself (not the signature) and if you decide to have the sword judged- get the signature removed before hand. ****IMHO****
  25. out of curiosity.. where did you purchase that replica?
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