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  1. It's definitely Nihonto. I've seen this before on a Tanto many years ago and another sword posted here on the board quite some time ago. In the past it was suggested that it was probably poor large slag welding by the smith. It could also be an acid bath gone wrong. Regardless, it's real.
  2. Harry, can you link the shops where it's available for preorder? Thanks!
  3. Harry, where did you hear this? Do you have any further info? Thanks!
  4. Wow! Thanks for the link! Quirt seems to have exactly what I'm looking for. ????
  5. Looking for 1,2, or maybe 3 kiribakos (depending on the price). Not looking to spend a lot. New or used is okay. Pm me! Thanks!
  6. J Reid

    Ebay Nugget

    Nice pick up! Money well spent! Congrats!
  7. J Reid


    I've seen them on eBay.. they're common.
  8. This is the last in depth discussion on never-dull. Now.. I wouldn't use it on a blade in polish, however, it really does work quite well. I have removed light active rust, finger prints, gunk, and stains easily without any damage to the existing polish whatsoever. No discolouring, scratches, etc. I side with Arnold in this debate and that is from hands on experience. In my opinion, it's much safer than uchiko. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/12028-help-black-spot-on-the-blade/
  9. Use "never-dull". It does wonders for light surface rust, staining, finger prints etc. Safer than uchiko! Won't hurt the polish. Should take care of any minor issues! Will clean it up nicely. Note: Keep away from nakago! Wipe clear once finished and then re-oil. Don't use the same piece of cotton too long (it comes as a saturated cotton ball in a tin).
  10. J Reid


    The NTHK has passed a few blades with hagire (that I know of). The NBTHK could do the same.. human error, I guess? It is a possibility that it developed during polish, however unlikely.. Sword was probably polished after paper and revealed an existing hagire. I can't imagine they would do it knowingly.. unless it was a very important sword.
  11. Sorry! Sold quite some time ago.
  12. So klaus if the blade can be bought at a good enough price to leave room for a kissaki job (if necessary).. I would buy it. If it did need repair it would just be a matter of reshaping the tip only slightly and would be a simple fix for a good polisher.
  13. Also yes.. the repair quote was $100-$150 at that time.
  14. The kissaki is a small area to repair and because you can tape off the blade at the yokote it is easier to focus on a spot repair and polish. As long as the yokote doesn't need to be moved down it should inexpensive.
  15. Bob benson repaired a kissaki for me in 2012 for $225 including shipping.
  16. Nobody is going to add an umegane to a kissaki that close to the tip. There is still plenty of boshi left to remove it if it was damaged. Alan, if you have held many swords and seen all different types of issues.. than you would know that it clearly looks like light corrosion that has been de-neutralized and is now just a dark patch. Every time I clean light active surface rust off a blade it leaves a dark spot like this. Don't be so quick to dismiss (what looks like) an impressive sword. The words the seller uses are vague because English is clearly not their first language nor do they do they know nihonto terminology. Long story short it doesn't matter what kind of damage it is.. the boshi is healthy and a kissaki job is actually only $200. That's nothing.
  17. Shakudo fuchi w/ nanako and brass inlay. Fine nanako detail. Brass inlay fish on a stick/fishing theme. Excellent workmanship. Asking $80 OBO
  18. J Reid

    Gun Show Find

    Yes! What Grey said..
  19. J Reid

    Gun Show Find

    You bent your sword purposely?! ....
  20. Well here's my 2 cent: We know that wakizashi went to war, but that the standard was a katana. We know that some wakizashi were custom fitted with properly proportioned koshirae. We know that some soldiers had money, and others did not. The variation in sword quality, and components, clearly displays that. ...My guess is that these wakizashi in not proper mounts are solider put togethers.. Family wakizashi with standard Gunto koshirae purchased pre made (probably cheaper than having your "uncommon" wakizashi custom mounted at the time).
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