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  1. Hey guys! I just acquired this new sword. Looks like a late Shinto/early shinshinto mino blade. It is signed in sosho script with nenki. It's just too long and kind of messy for my translation skills.. Any help? P.s sorry about the bad pictures.. My camera is broken.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the delay.. So the first picture is of the hamon going around the kissaki. The second is the nakago signed "sadamune". My friend said he had a few people take a look and all agree on gimei. I can agree with that! Looks to be O-suriage (so would have been longer, Jussi) This sword was just polished by the current owner and the polisher (I don't know who polished it) was the one who informed him that this sword was made this way. Everyone who saw it before it was polished thought for sure it had been reshaped. I'm personally still a bit in awe at the whole thing myself.
  3. Last price drop $450USD +p&p. This is a ridiculous bargain.
  4. I think bob works on a piece to piece basis. I had a kissaki repaired by bob for $225 and about a 2 month turn around. It's the full polish and shirasaya that takes time. 1-1 1/2 years. Kunitaros service is also efficient and takes a fraction of the time. Regards, Josh
  5. Jussi, I didn't even consider a Chinese dao. I'll look in that direction. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Hey guys! I have an interesting blade up for discussion. A friend has asked me for assistance in doing some research on the sword in question. It's a late muromachi/early Edo period wakizashi with a very European sugata. This is the story: "it was sold to me as Koto, the expert from the token told me that he thought it was gimei (I think so ) also that he thought it was shinshinto, and made to look older !!!, and also that the kissaki had been reshaped. ( it certainly looks that way ) ..He said he thought it was Nata and used in the tea ceremony Etc. I was a little taken back by all this after all he is the expert... Same day I met a polisher, I asked him to polish to 2 blades in the picture. While polishing the lower blade he noticed that the hamon went all around the kissaki, and also back around the cut away section. So this meant that the blade was forged as we see it, and the kissaki had not been re shaped. As he had never seen this before, he took it to another expert, this man is the curator of the Leeds Armoury, Japanese section. He said that the sword was indeed Koto, made in the muromachi period mid 16C by the Japanese sect who embraced the European culture, dressed as the European's and forged their sword's as they imagined the western swords would look like. He sent me a print out of a tapestry, that hangs in Kobe city museum, in which mounted westerners displayed swords with similar cut away tips. He also said that it was rare, and that the did not have one in the armoury / museum. I have searched the internet for info. but can not find any references." IMO This may be a rare example of a nihonto commissioned by a European foreigner (Portuguese?) while visiting Japan. Not used by any samurai. What are your thoughts? I'm at a dead end for any further info here.
  7. Still for sale. At this point I'm open to any reasonable offer. Thanks!
  8. $800 USD +$30 shipping worldwide. Competitive price! This is a very nice Owari tsuba!!
  9. Sorry Jean! It's 75mm x 75mm for a perfect circle. Guys, $1800 p&p included. I also offer a 48 hour inspection period. If you're unsatisfied in any way you can return the tsuba less p&p.
  10. Hey guys! I have an owari tsuba for sale. Seems to be a late muromachi piece. Excellent dark chocolate patina. Tekkotsu is clearly visible in the seppa dai & Mimi. Well executed, strong, symmetrical sukashi design. Course granular surface. Mimi: 6mm seppa dai: 4mm Comes in a kiri box. I would like to see it go for $1800USD. I am open to reasonable offers, full & partial trades (preferably swords).
  11. Ended auction early due to low interest. Looking for a relatively fair and quick sale. $650USD OR BEST OFFER + shipping. Open to partial trades!
  12. Hey guys! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that i have a nice wakizashi listed on ebay with just over 2 days left. No reserve. Its in good polish.. There is some surface rust in the ha and on the kissaki but its not serious and it could easily be removed by a professional. The blade is pretty heavy in hand and very thick. Overall, very healthy. Personally I think the blade can be enjoyed as is. The fuchi-kashira and the menuki are very nice IMO. The menuki are quite large and made of shakudo. The fuchi-kashira are iron. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Japanese-Samurai-Sword-with-koshirae-Signed-Kanekuni-Saku-/331747879368?hash=item4d3db6e9c8:g:fy4AAOSwKtlWjLBE I hope to see it go at a reasonable price. Any questions feel free to ask! Thanks!
  13. On ebay now: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/331744980483?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D331744980483%26_rdc%3D1
  14. FYI: This is currently the cheapest Kai gunto on the Internet, guys. Don't forget it has the original sarute and officers tassel
  15. Thanks for the translation joe!!
  16. Hey guys! I have a Kai gunto that I'm looking to move fairly quick as its not my area of interest. I recently acquired it from the grandson of the vet that received it during the war. The sword is basically in mint wartime polish with the hamon shining very bright.. It has a minor hakobore that I have photographed. Otherwise it's in great condition. The koshirae is all matching no.66 with the sarute and the original officers tassel. Overall condition is 95% with antique wear and only some minor chips to the lacquer on the seam of the saya. The whole package is solid. A perfect and complete example of a Kai gunto for anyone collecting ww2 blades. The blade is a seki Arsenal blade. I haven't yet translated the mei.. I have included some pictures but have many more. So if you're interested.. I can email you. Looking to get my bottom price for a quick sale. $1100USD (+shipping and paypal) Also open to partial trades with a minimum of $400USD cash Thanks!
  17. The blade seems to be in healthy shape. Definitely worth a polish. Nakago condition says late shinshinto- or more likely, early gendai. Probably made around the time of export to Germany.. 1920's-30's? The tsuba, kozuka, Kogatana, Fuchi-gashira, ribbed saya, and menuki could all be sold separately to recover your investment twice over. Or sell koshirae as a whole. Based on what I can see.. Every part in that package has value. Any way you cut it, you're winning.
  18. I agree. Definitely not a ww2 blade.. Genuine nihonto for sure. Shinto.. Higher end koshirae. Maybe remounted in later days as hamish pointed out. Nakago is a bit corroded and seems to be quite short for a katana. What's the measurements? Is it a wakizashi?
  19. 1. Kanbun shinto 2. Late kamakura/ early nambokucho 3. Mid nambokucho 4. Late heian/early kamakura
  20. Upon comparing the 3 images I am confident about the mei being 兼長. However, I feel my kanenaga is earlier than the right mei and a different smith than the left mei. The left nakago seems to have kiri yasurime (if my eyes are not mistaken), and mekugi-ana placement is different. Thanks so much for your help!!!
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