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  1. Hey guys, hoping someone could help me translate this mei. Thanks!
  2. In the hopes to see this beauty move along quick- I will include worldwide shipping..
  3. Open to partial trades and fair offers .. pm me!
  4. A wakizashi of 20" or so. Signed "iga no kami kinmichi" (no kiku or date). Flamboyant choji midare hamon. Has Mishina boshi. Blade is literally flawless, healthy, and in very good polish. It has minor scratches from removing from shirasaya and a stain on the edge (photo 5). Nothing serious and rest barely worth mentioning. Comes in an exceptionally high quality shirasaya with (mekugi accents) and a standard sword bag. Not sure which generation but I'm leaning on late Shinto. I have seen several blades with mei possibly by same hand. However they weren't papered and I didn't necessarily agree with the sellers generation attribution (one was 3rd, another 7th etc).. It will be a fun one to research for sure. As per my usual "fire sales" I'm letting it go at my lowest price ..only $SOLD+ shipping and PP. First come first served. No holds. Immediate payment required. 24 hr inspection period and guaranteed to pass hozon or nthk or your money back. I haven't included much info or pics due to time constraints but I will update post with more if needed.
  5. Joel, a polish won't fix a opening like this nor should it be considered just to resolve a cosmetic scratch. This kind of thinking will reduce any sword to a mere toothpick in less than a couple hundred years. In order to truly respect and appreciate your sword and future acquisitions- Please consider this. Support longevity! Enjoy
  6. Ew. Looks like an acid polish gone terribly wrong. However.. Try looking at the same sword with a professional kesho-Hadori polish. Could possibly clean up.. (feeling hopeful)
  7. I like this one a lot too.. good price to boot! Someone got a winner!
  8. I've had a couple recent enquiries into this sword. It is sold. At this time the current owner is not looking to sell. However if/when he does- I'll be the first to know. I offered a lifetime 100% buyback option. He has my number... lol
  9. Seems they went for an early shinto period Sukesada before deciding the blade was more likely Ishido work. Then from there they honed it down to Tsunemitsu, specifically, based on workmanship.. Someone had a trigger finger hot for Bizen for sure.
  10. Looks like an iaito koshirae Tsuba. Probably made in Japan. However it looks average quality and probably not hand made. A couple bucks would be okay.. but not worth much, IMO.
  11. Little Seki+ star stamp= gendaito. Large seki and no star= showato
  12. Luis, I'm referring to the Kanetaka Tsuba. Looks like a formal dress Tsuba (Kenjo). Sort of rare. Not sure on the school, but I wouldn't say it is Goto. The Nanako isn't refined enough. Not sure on an attribution.
  13. I think the money is in the Tsuba here. Very nice, imho.
  14. Generally speaking, the shirasaya will develop its own patina. I wouldn't tamper with quality work. Just my 2 cents
  15. Beautiful sword.. interesting that the gakumei is unreadable.. to me it looks like it was professionally erased. Regardless, very attractive sword.
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