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  1. No stamp marks are apparent, but the owner should be posting more pics soon.
  2. Asking the owner now...thanks Stephen. Dave
  3. Posting for a friend on ar15.com Do the file marks look off?
  4. Thanks all! I will post more pics when they come in.
  5. Yes more photos coming soon I hope... Who is Yamada? I assume a famous name if he's worthy of being faked.
  6. More pics coming...anyone have initial impressions?
  7. Thanks for the info everyone! I will try to get more pics of the blade and kissaki today.
  8. Thanks Brian. Interesting read. And the mei on the blade I posted seems to match "E" oshigata, no? What is your opinion on getting this blade restored/polished by the owner? Worth it?
  9. Found this auction with good pics to compare...Mei looks right to me...? https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/57583586_chounsai-emura-emura-saku-sword-1941 And this old thread from here... http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/7435-chounsai-emura-saku-help-please/
  10. OK! Yet another sword from someone over on AR15.com... This was the info he gave me, not sure how accurate it is... "Based on the MEI I believe this is an "Emura Chounsai" blade. It is said he ran a prison in Japan before and during WWII. They say he made blades himself but that his students/prisoners also made blades in his name. I am trying to confirm that it is an Emura blade, and if so, can it be determined if he actually made it. Either way my end goal is to see if it is worthy of a polish given the cost of such service. At this time there is no Hamon visible to my eye" Doesn't look too bad to me...but I am no expert!
  11. My thoughts as well...but the beautiful shape of the blade, and overall appearance of the metal/grain structure, threw me off a little... But yeah the nakago is very suspect...
  12. Posted over on ar15.com... Looks like a Gunto blade and has the serial number on the habaki...He says someone cleaned it/polished it themselves a while ago, which is unfortunate. The Nakago looks off in terms of shape, and there are no file marks...but that could be because of the "cleaning." The shape looks OK to my untrained eye, and you can actually see some of the grain structure in the last picture...which is surprising. Thanks for any translation help! Dave
  13. Thanks for the analysis! Yes - understood it is all about quality - and this blade has some big flaws. But I am also trying to determine the history of the blade, more than the value.
  14. Ok I will try to get a pic of the Kissaki. So this is definitely not a gunto blade? Most likely pretty old?
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