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  1. Could be a less popular generation. I can't find that webpage with all the generations and their tell tale mei differences.. I will post later when I remember haha.. EDIT: and the old paper shenanigans.. EDIT 2: The blade in the first link looks okay I guess.. Or at least warrants some more research, however, it has what looks like unopened blisters and some other kizu..
  2. As a fan and collector of shinto echizen blades, I commend your purchase. I think you will enjoy your takahisa very much!
  3. You are going to be bombarded for this last post haha... amateur polishing is extremely frowned upon in the community.. Basically, do not ever attempt to polish the sword or any sword. If one day when you are more knowledgeable on the topic and you decide you want to learn some basic polishing skills- dont tell anybody here. Haha. Also practice on junk blades or repros/ chinese stuff... As for your desire to restore in general.. completely normal for your first blade. Read the FAQ and you'll discover most noobs feel this way but that you should probably just sit on it.. P.s. this package is generally in good antique condition overall.
  4. Yes.. I just drooled a little. An overall stunning piece! Thanks for sharing.
  5. "This time last year there was very little on the topic of Roush in writing and people were still in the dark" Poor workmanship and stealing swords are 2 completely different things.
  6. Actually these threads and issues weren't brought up and recorded until recently.. This time last year there was very little on the topic of Roush in writing and people were still in the dark.. The complaints now being brought up are from people who shipped off their swords to him time ago.
  7. I wouldn't pay half as much as the seller is asking for that blade. The pitting in the ha is not only a terrible eye sore, but it looks burnt or something. A low quality piece. Ken is also spot on with the knowledge factor. You have much to learn young grasshopper. Put the fire out in your pocket. Buy some books and keep looking.. There are better deals to find in or around your price range anyways.. These are just a few I pulled up really quick for you from just 1 of the many reliable dealers out there. Don't do ebay until you're weathered enough to spot a legit bargain. http://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-tanba ... t-reliable <--- (worth removing signature imo) http://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-mumei ... shi-ryokai http://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-kane-suriage http://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-mumei-naokatsu
  8. Ask Bob Benson for his new email.. or go through Bob.. Tirado does most of his woodwork.
  9. I can second that Tirado charges $450.. Had 2 done recently.. Get better!
  10. I'm pretty sure that's just the picture/lighting making the yasurimei look softer. If you look closer to the nakago jiri the file marks look sharper again, IMO. I can agree with being cautious.. I guess I'm just sold on this one. Haha
  11. All the examples, including the suspect mei, dirk has so kindly provided show a few consistencies with specific turns, angles, and visible depth on strokes. Overall though- no example is identical. So inconsistencies shouldn't deter what our (or at least my) gut screams .. Shoshin..
  12. 100% shoshin. Probably already been scooped up, cleaned up, and resold by now though.
  13. The colour of the patina inside the crevices of this mei differs from the rest of the nakago.. hinting it was added much later... by someone without an artistic hand or the right chisel.. IMHO..
  14. Curtis, IMO having this piece polished may still be viable. If you paid around 2k (just a guess) initially, added in shirasaya and habaki for another $700 or so and then throw in a polish @ $2200-$2600.. You're still only sitting @ 5k-$5300ish all in. This sword could definitely fetch $5500 in pristine condition. It's unique because of its inscription. Akihiro was an honest smith and a RJT. If I were you, I would fork out the cash and have it polished. You could, in theory, get your money back eventually and also get to enjoy the blade while in your collection in mint condition. Just food for thought.. ..If this was my blade.. I would probably just keep it all for myself and not sell haha.
  15. He is safe to deal with. I am usually very cautious online.. However I have no problem wiring money/ credit card info to tsuruta-san. As to the Tsuba.. I can't comment on the price because I'm at work and the firewalls have me locked outta there!
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